Standard One Question – Kertas Bahasa Malaysia 1

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Today, my daughter, Marsya (standard 1), received one of her exam paper – Kertas 1 Bahasa Malaysia. Alhamdulillah, she got good marks. However, my wife highlighted something about her paper. She managed to colour the pictures on the exam paper!!! Haha…. We guessed that she did the exam quite fast that she had time to spend for colouring. Well, not all pictures, but some of the pictures on the first page.

So, why did not Marsya score perfect marks? Now, please look at the next photo. “Tandakan pada kata nama khas”….

Normally, we know that kata nama khas begins with a capital letter!!! Example… Malaysia, Januari, Tompok… etc… In the other hand we know that kata nama am begins with smaller letter… example… radio, pinggan, singa…etc…

Unfortunately, Marsya got wrong for the word “Komputer”. Being just 3 months in standard one…Marsya taught that Komputer is kata nama khas because of the word begin with capital letter…. Hence, she thick the box… It’s OK for us…  We just need to tell her not to get confuse with tricks like this…

We are not sure whether this is trick question or spelling error. But we are somehow amaze with the level of question tested to standard 1 students.

Ikhwan, who is Marsya’s elder brother in standard 3 has not yet get his exam papers yet. We hope Ikhwan will get good results too… insyaAllah. We made a promise to Ikhwan, if he can get 5As, we will reward him with the latest PS3.

Moral of the story – Before your kids enroll into standard one, make sure he or she can read. That’s very important. This is because, the test or exams requires them to be able to read smoothly. If they cannot read, they won’t be able to answer the questions…


WARNING!!! I’ll be launching a small contest in 1-2-3 days time… The contest will enable those who win to get a free Domain name! Get back soon to check out what the contest is all about… 🙂


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7 Responses

  1. noriz says:

    eeee…susahnye soalan…hehehe… agknya klu time sya dulu lum tentu dpt score…huhuh…

  2. titan says:

    tingginya markah. terernya..

  3. cyza says:

    Betul tu…considering soalan tu utk budak darjah satu yang baru 3 bulan masuk sekolah…

    Kalau time kita sekolah dulu, agaknya darjah 2 atau 3 kot belajar benda tu.

  4. cyza says:

    Alhamdulillah…My daughter ni is very diligent…Harapnya abang dan adik nya pun power belajar cam dia ni…

  5. Tun says:

    x tau la kalau aku masa darjah satu boleh jawab soalan cam tu…anyway bila small contest tu…hehehhehehee!

  6. cyza says:

    Tun…tadi dapat lagi kertas exam…English…Siut betull…ada jawapan anak aku betul, tapi cikgu tanda salah!!!
    Itu kertas jawapan utk anak jantan aku…

    Contest…nanti dulu…

  7. farahaznil says:

    teringat aku zaman sekolah masa dulu

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