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It’s not easy staying up late this night with an exhausted body, but after assigning some tasks to my virtual staff and paying her salary (closing account!!! hehe), I felt like a powerful magnet pulling me to reply on a TAG suddenly bombarded at me. Thanks Noriz for declaring that Cyza Sector is one of your most visited blog this time, this year… Its really an honour to know that somebody appreciates our musing in this tiny virtual world… 🙂

OK, now, this moment, 12.48 am, I’ll reply and answer the tag…The top 5 most visited blogs by myself…

1. JBCool.com – Can get latest JB updates!!! Perfect for Johorean…

2. Republikofmancunia.org – I read Manchester United unofficial rambling/blog…cool…

3. Soccernet.com – Not really a blog, but I love reading the latest buzz in the premier league and other leagues as well..

4. Mamanoriz.blogspot.com – A new blog (create in 2011) in town of a career woman sharing her various sides of story.

5. Rohaizad.com – I read ijads blog (my friend) to learn new blogging tricks and tips…

OK, please…don’t get me wrong. Despite of my tight schedule, I also read other blogs as well. However, rule is rule and that means I only can list down here 5 blogs that I occasionally read. I’m not expecting anybody to reply my tag…I simply make this entry for fun and while watching Kejora dan Bintang (late telecast)!!! haha…

Happy April Fool Day… 🙂

Note: The beautiful image is taken from trekearth.com/gallery/Asia/Malaysia/West/Johor/photo127491.htm


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10 Responses

  1. noriz says:

    ten Q zaki… tak sangka nye sya ter list sekali… segar arrr 🙂

  2. azwan says:

    wah … zaki ada peminat perempuan 🙂

  3. cyza says:

    Muhahahah…apa mau segan… That’s a good start.

  4. cyza says:

    Ye ke?


  5. noriz says:

    sya ke peminat tu? hehehe, ter perasan lak!
    teman tapi mesra secara virtual jek…kihkihkih
    klu Dr.Zura baca ni abis laa..huhu

  6. Itu kena tanya si Azwan yang poyo tu lah…

  7. ASP Host says:

    ten Q zaki… tak sangka nye sya ter list sekali

  8. hen do says:

    Hello I was wondering how do you tag yourself on your own picture on myspace? I have no problem tagging others onto a picture in my album, but when the tag box opens up with a list of people, my name doesn’t appear, making it impossible for my to tag myself.

  9. farahaznil says:

    aku minat gambar ni..cantik penuh bermakna

  1. April 19, 2011

    […] 56. penadigital.com, 57. mizayusof.com, 58. miszydian.blogspot.com, 59. ieyra.com, 60. cyza.us, […]

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