Our New Hobby – Collecting Old Coins and Currency Notes

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It is kind of funny. Two weeks ago, while surfing Mudah.my, I discovered a new interest or hobby. It’s collecting old coins and currency notes. I felt very excited checking on old coins and began collecting Malaysia coins starting from as early as 1968. I wanted to have an exclusive collection of old Malaysian coins and Ringgit Malaysia notes. For the time being I’m more focus on the coins.

Actually, when I was still a kid, I already have few coin albums. However, I don’t know where they are now. It’s OK. I will start this new interest back again. I’ll start again from zero. The good thing is I have numerous international post graduate friends that I can ask some coins or notes from their country. I already have 2 notes of Iranian  notes worth 2000 Rial (almost equivalent to our 70 cents each). I believe this is and advantage and this can speed up my old coins and currency notes collection.

This coin album belongs to Ikhwan. Besides coins, he also keeps the RM1 note which have serial number starting from the letter Z. I’ll cover next time why serial number starting from Z has higher value than the others.

However, another solid benefit of my new hobby is I managed to attract my kids interest. Now Ikhwan, Marsya and Alya also love collecting coins. I bought each of them a coin album for them to keep and secure their own coins. Unfortunately, Alya, 6, has surrendered this new hobby yesterday. She withdrawn all coins and prefer to keep it inside her new pouch that she got FOC when we bought her the gold necklace yesterday. That’s ok with me. Alya is still too young for this hobby thing.

This 1973 50 cent Malaysia coins has high value in the market for collectors. For non collector, this 50 cent coin is just 50 cent. However, for collectors, this 50 cent can be worth more than RM10 or RM20 or more depending on its quality.

Ikhwan in the other hand is more aggressive. At night or whenever he has time, he will explore Mudah.my and ebay.com.my himself for coins. I think that’s cool because that’s part of my intention which is to make him internet literate as soon as possible.

Hmmm… in relation to the second photo above, if you want to know how much are these types of coins worth, check out the following links:




Another funny thing is that, whenever we purchase anything, we will immediately look at the coins and RM notes. We are very eager to see the year of coin production as well as the serial number of RM notes. These are truly collection items which have precious market value. Maybe later, I’ll show some of my new collection to you… 🙂

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4 Responses

  1. Azwan says:

    When i was a kid, i collected stamps, but only during primary school. Tak minat due to comics 🙂

  2. cyza says:

    Eh…collecting and reading comics are good and profitable hobby as well… Now that you have comic blog, that’s even better.

  3. titan says:

    dulu suka kumpul setem dengan wang lama..sekarang, ntah mana pegi benda tu semua.haha..

  4. cyza says:

    Haha…that’s why now I’m trying to get back to the past… And now my son has just sold me his 50 cent coin… (not giving it to me!!!)

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