My Proton Exora Latest Fuel Consumption Analysis

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I received numerous interesting comments from my Proton Exora Review post. There were good and also bad comments. Some of the comments questioned the bad fuel consumption of Proton Exora. Frankly, I have never properly checked my Proton Exora fuel consumption. All I made before was purely an estimate.

Yesterday, with my wife, we checked our Proton Exora fuel consumption. We pumped in 6 liters of petrol and checked our mileage and meter showing the fuel remaining in the tank. The analysis took part in city area and not long distance.


Our white Proton Exora (purchased 2 years ago) measured 8.33 km per liter of RON95 petrol. With 6 liters my MPV can go a distance of 50km.

My Comment

This is far than what some parties (don’t want to say who) has/have claimed such as 13 km per liter. This is not good. The 50 km include many short trips, traffic jams, slowing down due to numerous bump at my work place pathway.

Or, maybe the 13 km per liter is meant for long distance traveling. I’ll make the analysis when we go for a long distance trip in future.

I need to make further analysis on this and take an average data.

I also need to highlight that I have installed some kind of magnetic fuel saverinside the fuel injection of my Proton Exora. It was not intentionally purchased but it was from our previous cars

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10 Responses

  1. Hairil Rizal says:

    8.33km/L for city driving is not quite good actually because my Inspira is currently doing something like 10+km/L for city driving and that is a 1.8L engine compared to the Exora’s 1.6L engine. The 1.6L theoretically uses less fuel than a 1.8L engine.

    Anyway, the claimed 13km/L must have been for long distance travel. The Inspira generally has much better fuel consumption for long distance at 11.5km/L.

    U can try to investigate on that if you go to Melaka or KL someday

  2. cyza says:

    Definitely bro…

    I’ll make more analysis soon and take the average for city driving as well as long distance driving…

  3. Tommy says:

    Wow… 8.33km/L was too bad. Base on current fuel price of RM 1.9/L is is about 23 cent/ km
    This fuel consumption was more than Mercdeces (around 20 cent/km), Toyota Unser (20cent/km), Toyota Harrier (20 cent/km)

    The FC will make me poor…

  4. khai says:

    I can get 28cents/km (RON 97) with my exora, size/qtt passenger vs fc..i’m really satisfied..

  5. Inspiralation says:

    Just to share….my Inspira FC ..pure 100% short distance city drive in PJ/BU area…jam everyday…..8km/l…Inspira 2.0 with RON 95…..If goes on highway can get 14km/h (100km/h – 160km/h). So for city drive, your Exora is OK. But i doubt the way you calculate is accurate. You should do this….pump full…reset trip meter….drive for some distance (say >200km)…then pump full again. Divide the mileage since last trip meter reset by the fuel pump in now.

  6. sann says:

    Toyota Unser is claim by many having bad FC car including myself. Learning is a process. If we start reading and compare, a same car, if it is drive by two different person, and if we assume the distance is similar and having same route, the end result on fuel consumption can have vast differences. Toyota Unser city drive achieving 8km/liter written before is consider good by some person. Formerly, when I drove Unser, I am getting this 8 to 9 km/liter fuel consumption. But recently, I am testing the driving technique read USA webside, the so call throttling driving techniques, the result I obtain is shocking, it is difficult to believe if you don’t experiement it yourself, the achievable fuel consumption for Toyota Unser (10 year old car ) is at 11km/liter. About 37 % fuel saving just purely a change on driving habit. North south high way test : achieving 12.5Km/liter with condition: must not drive beyond 100km/hr speed. If we drive Unser with 100 to 110km/hr, the fuel consumption is at 9 to 10 km/liter. Light footed on fuel pedal is very key in achieving 11 km/liter with low speed. Always keep RPM below 2000 rpm. Use correct RPM on deserie speed.

  7. YeeMeng says:

    After using exora for 2 years, my god, the dashboard give me lots of funny noise. The plastic seems lembik already. Even front coil spring give squek sound and the best of all the a abs cable spoil after 8 months and now the proton mechanic guy tell me the motor vacum for the abs aso spoil!

  8. web host asp says:

    I am looking forward to see how much money you save.

  9. farahaznil says:

    tapi mpv memang banyak sedut duit pun..hoho

  10. mdshah says:

    Hi, my manual exo can clocked 7.7L/100KM (base on odotrip at front panel).using ron95. please follow service schedule. dont forget to clean your throttle body. it easy DIY. can get it at Tesco >> carb & trottle body cleaner just RM18. My exo can hit 175KM/hour with some more paddle (pursuit follow perdana V6 ).

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