New Gold Necklace and Pendant for the family

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Hi guys… How are you guys doing? I have plenty of things to update…but well due to my poor time management and my hectic schedule, it is almost impossible for me to make a daily entry. I have many important events going on since my last entry. However, if God will, I will surely record them in this humble blog of mine.

Today, I just want to share one thing. After a long wait, finally we decided to get our Marsya and Alya a gold necklace and pendant each. What actually drove us to the Poh Kong jewelry store? It was actually our maid… Bibik wanted to buy herself a necklace and pendant using her precious accumulated salary.

This is the second time our maid purchase herself a gold necklace and pendant. The first time she bought it was a couple of years ago, after her hard earned salary reached more than RM2k. Now, her salary has almost double that amount and she wanted to get a new set of golden shining jewelry.

As a direct result of visiting the jewelry shop in Jusco Taman University, we decided to get our daughters the jewelries as well. Marsya and Alya, 7 and 6 years old respectively have not had a gold necklace yet, so it is better to get them before the price of gold rise again.

So, why we only bought the gold necklace now? Why not when they were born or when they are still little (2 or 3 years old)? The answer is pretty simple. It depends on our budget. We don’t have the financial super power back then. Hmm… I’m not saying we have the financial super power now… but at least we can save something and prioritize our spending.

After inspecting and choosing numerous necklace and considering the present daily gold price (RM162 for 916), we decided to purchase an identical necklace for Marsya and Alya. As for the pendant, we got them a gold heart shape pendant, exactly the same as what my wife is wearing. However, we only bought one gold heart shape pendant because the one my wife had on herself shifted to Alya. The new one belongs to Marsya. My wife got herself a new globe like pendant with white gold and yellow gold incorporated on it.

The cost of all… hmmm… I prefer not to reveal…haha… However, our maid’s spending was RM3750. We spent more than our maid.

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12 Responses

  1. noriz says:

    wah bestnye…sapa ada daughter mmg kena kasi brg kemas kan…like me masa baru lahir dulu terus dpt set rantai,gelang dan cincin… too bad hanya rantai je maintain kat leher sampai skang dan ramai puji sbb ada signature nama sya…mak pun pesan klu dpt girl kasi rantai siap nama, mcm tradisi la…sib baik lum dpt girl…save duit heheheh

  2. ASP Host says:

    I think it was a great idea for you to get the girls those necklaces. While they are too young to hold onto them for themselves it is still a nice thing for them to have on holidays and when they get older.

  3. cyza says:

    Yep, memang lah girl kena ready kan rantai emas itu ini. Cuma komitmen hidup zaman sekarang yang semuanya serba mahal dan komitmen itu ini menyebabkan lambat sikit lah nak beli emas tu. Tapi bila tgk rantai emas tu melekat kat our daughters tu, cantik lah pulak…

  4. cyza says:

    Yep…you are indeed right on that.

  5. noriz says:

    masa u beli ni mmg harga baru je adjust kan…mahal ek…

    Harga FGJAM 20 April 2011
    999 Gold : RM172.00/gm
    916 Gold : RM162.00/gm

    Harga FGJAM Nov 2010 – Mac 2011
    999 Gold : RM166.00/gm
    916 Gold : RM157.00/gm

    tapi jgn pakai kalau jalan kat tmpat ramai org tau, cam my staf baru ni anak dia kena ragut masa gi Jom Heboh, tak perasan langsung, dah blik baru nampak rantai hilang…huhu

  6. cyza says:

    Harga emas memang lah akan sentiasa naik…Jauh tu kalau nak compare Nov 2010 dan 20 April 2011…

    Tapi memang buat masa ni tak pakai pun kalau pegi public…tu pakai masa raya-raya je kot nanti

  7. noriz says:

    what i mean is…time u beli tu harga FGJAM baru je naik rate baru… kalau maid u mention awal2 nak beli, rasanya dpt save sket…beza gak dr 157 ke 162 tu kan…

    eh, napa i takleh post komen kat latest entry u? dah brp kali submit tapi tak appear pun? mahunye nanti kuar jadi 2/3 komen lak…huhu

  8. cyza says:

    Hmmm dia baru cakap, so beli je lah…

    Post komen tak kuar, maybe sebab ada email yang tak betul ……cuba try lagi…takpe..kalau ada duplicate comment…Saya boleh edit…delete sendiri.

  9. samdaddycool says:

    itu maid banyak kaya woooo

  10. farahaznil says:

    gila kaya maiid ni..aku pun tak mampu..haha

  11. farahaznil says:

    betul tu bro..kalah kita

  12. Miguel says:

    I absolutely love gold oittufs, but I think they can go very, very wrong if overdone. This is why whenever I wear gold oittufs, I try to stick to one colour scheme and keep the shoes and accessories simple! Gold is such a rich, beautiful tone, and overwhelming it is the last thing I want. I would style this gorgeous D G dress with nude/skin-toned, close-toed pumps, to keep with the same colour range as the gold. As much as I am a shoe fiend, I don’t think they should be the focal point of this outfit.To cinch the waist and add more shape, I would use a thin, nude belt. I would avoid any sort of coloured, metallic, or obvious buckle again keeping it simple. The jewelry is where I’d add the pop of colour. I’m picturing a turquoise tear-drop pendant that skims just below the colar bones. With a gold chain, of course. I cannot bring myself to put silver and gold together *shudder*. No bangles this time, but I’d wear my usual gold rings. Talking specifics, a gold knuckle ring and simpler gold band on one hand, and a large turquoise stone centre ring on the other, to match the necklace. My look is ALMOST pulled together, I swear! I would keep a nude lip with a bit of gloss, peach cheeks, and simple eye makeup a neutral-toned palette and a coat of mascara. I’m very proud of my long, thick Asian hair, so I would wear it down with large, natural-looking waves. My long dark hair is another reason why I would want to keep it simple with accessories! There’s already a large contrast between the black of my hair, and the rich gold colour of the dress. I follow you on Fashionista Talk (and Chictopia, if that counts). – Kathy

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