Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 – My new toy… :)

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Yep… the title of this entry is my new smart phone. After several months wondering and considering various types of hand phone / smart phone including iphone 4 and blackberry, I settled happily with Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830. This smart phone is nothing like the previous Samsung u700 that my wife own few years ago which was not that efficient. This Galaxy Ace has Android froyo 2.2 operating system with it. I’m not sure how to describe it. Maybe this article will be quite misleading because I’m very new to android, the little green robot. From what I know, android enables the smart phone to sync with our Google account. More than that, I’m not sure yet.

Me and my wife just purchased it yesterday at 5.40pm at a local hand phone shop in Taman Universiti. We are very comfortable with that hand phone shop. The sales persons are very nice, friendly and helpful. Their after sales service are also tip top. So, we felt comfortable purchasing from them on top of getting the smart phone slightly cheaper than market price.

It took me some time to depart from my loyal K810i Sony Erickson which looked really old and worn out. But, the Samsung Galaxy Ace which cost my wife RM890 managed to make me forget my older hand phone. This Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 is far superior than the previous Blackberry Storm 9500 that I own last year. That Blackberry storm is my worse gadget purchased so far. I made such a nasty and fast decision purchasing that one… It is so bad that I repaired and reused my Sony Erickson K810i.

The sales lady at the shop we purchased the smart phone helped installed papago GPS and also some ring tone. The memory is still 2GB which is in given in the box. I don’t plan to add the memory for the time being.

The aps..oh my God… there are thousands of useful aps inside the market. I cannot help it. I installed several which were the most important for me first. That include adobe reader, prayer time, periodic table, physics formula, chemical formula, Facebook aps, Twitter aps, Think and Grow Rich ebook and several more that I cannot remember.

I’m still exploring the Samsung Galaxy Ace. What I can say for now after purchasing and using it for 26 hours – I’m happy, I’m proud to own the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830.

For those of you who are not using any smart phone yet, you might want to consider this Samsung Galaxy Ace. It is one affordable and sleek smart phone. Why iPhone 4 if you can get one that looks like it and perform at par or maybe better in Samsung Galaxy Ace. Well… iPhone 4 memory is more superior…  The choice is yours. I made mine already… 🙂

Oh yes… I almost forget to inform.. This new hand phone is conjunction of my birthday + father’s day + our 10th anniversary. It’s an integrated gift… hehe

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11 Responses

  1. Azwan says:

    I am still using the K810i. Dah 3 tahun dah usianya, tak pasti nak beli phone baru ke tidak. Last year, i bought my wife N97 mini. Byk functions. Tapi yg guna pun camera dgn gps sahaja dan sekali-sekala web surfing. So tak pasti kalau aku tukar phone baru nak ambil smartphone or just a basic phone. Macam-macam function, tapi tak guna rasa tak berbaloi pulak.

  2. titan says:

    hehe..pau bini yee..

  3. cyza says:

    aku dah pakai k810i dah lama gila. rasanya dah dekat 5 tahun…that’s why nak kena tukar dah…sebab button byk tercabut…dan dah wear sgt…

  4. cyza says:

    Bukan selalu beb…aku pun dah belanja dia macam-macam benda beb…hehe…

  5. noriz says:

    samalah kite pakai samsung galaxy.. tpi mine is Galaxy S je… Ace tu lagi up la…lagi advance n updated…
    mmg mcm2 benda u leh upload free dari android tu… mmg best! but hubby i dok upload games then may sons dah ketagih main Angry Bird Dgn Talking Tom jek…huhu, kadang2 org call/sms pun tak perasan…iskhhh 🙁

  6. cyza says:

    Hehe…ye ke…baguihlah…jadi komuniti robot hijau…

    Anyway…so far, tak nak kasih apps games…tapi yang duk kemaruk la ni is Jewel… Bersaing dalam rumah utk dapat highest score…ishk ishk… tapi kan bukan ke galaxy S lagi bagus?

  7. Luthfi says:

    nice one! u’ll never regret after using samsung mobile..
    trust me

  8. noriz says:

    eh sori salah lak…mine is Galaxy 5 la…hahaha, perasan lak… betul la mmg Galaxy S paling up sekali…

  9. catzer says:

    aku masih pakai nokia cap ayam aku..hahahaha..sbbnya aku mmg selalu terjatuhkan telefon..bahaya pakai tepon mahai2…

  10. Mattresses says:

    The sales persons are very nice, friendly and helpful. Their after sales service are also tip top. So, we felt comfortable purchasing from them on top of getting the smart phone slightly cheaper than market price.

  11. adamfaiz says:

    Got a new toy now eh? I like Android too (although I still dun own one)

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