Welcome Back Home My 4 year old HP Compact Laptop

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It has been a while since used this White Toshiba Laptop supplied by the organization I work with. Before that I have been using my HP Compact laptop which I bought from my hard earn Google Adsense money. It was purchased somewhere in December 2007 if I’m not mistaken. I loved the laptop so much, as much as I love the other laptops. Before I even used my own HP Compact laptop, I borrowed my wife’s laptop to explore and do my online work. My wife’s laptop is Compact Presario V2000 Wide Screen laptop that if I’m not mistaken she bought somewhere in 2004. She has not been using her Compact Presario V2000 Wide Screen laptop that much since she also has her loyal dekstop at her office and soon after that in 2005 she received her Toshiba Laptop, also from the organization she work with. Nowadays, the Compact Presario V2000 Wide Screen laptop is being used by the kids. The three of them are sharing it together, either to surf the net or watch downloaded movies.

What’s the problem with my HP Compact Laptop?

Well, many people and experts I consulted suggested that it was the motherboard problem. I’m not sure myself. The problem is on a peaceful night which I cannot recall, it cannot charge itself. It only depends on the power from the battery, then it cannot be used anymore. I gave it to my friend Abu who earlier have helped me installed the operating system in the laptop to re-format it not knowing the problem is the mother board. I was hoping that Abu, being a computer hardwhare and software expert can help me solve the problem. Unfortunately, the problem is beyond his capability. That’s fine. It took me quite a while to send my ill laptop to anybody, somebody to fix. Until one day, several months after that, I sent it to a Laptop repair shop in Taman Universiti and they serviced the motherboard. The cost was RM80 and the term is – There is totally no warranty if anything happen to the laptop again. Earlier when I want to send it to that shop, several guys there already mentioned to me to just forget the idea of repairing this HP Compact laptop. They claimed that this laptop has many problems, particularly my laptop model. If I still want to repair, what they will do is replace the mother board which will cost between RM400 to RM500 and the guarantee will only last for merely 1 month. Luckily the second time I went there, they provided me a second option which is just to service the motherboard until my laptop can work again.

Yes, my laptop can work again. The power can now keep the laptop running. Unfortunately the keyboard cannot be used. OMG… I felt a little disappointed but I then thought of the idea of having an external keyboard. Then after trying my friend’s external keyboard at office, the keyboard can be used and connected to the laptop. So, few days after that, which is yesterday, I purchased a new Logitech External Keyboard. Hehe…now my HP Compact Laptop is back in action. I just installed Mozilla Firefox and also Adobe Flash Player few hours ago (past midnight time).

Now I’m sleepy…haha…got to take a short nap.

Photos will come soon…

p/s: We also purchased another new laptop – white ASUS laptop with Intel processing…wait for the story soon…

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9 Responses

  1. i demesne me.We also purchased new laptop.

  2. titan says:

    beli baru ajela..

  3. cyza says:

    Beli baru…hehe…wait for the next entry…baru beli semalam laptop asus.

  4. cyza says:

    It’s just about time…just wait…

  5. boss says:

    wah sayang betul ko ngan laptop tuh… =)

  6. cyza says:

    Haha biasa lah bro…barang baik…still loyal dan sayang…

  7. farahaznil says:

    mana gambar?takde pun??hi hi

  8. farahaznil says:

    betul tu….barang lama..kalau dah guna..rosak pun simpan lagi buat kenangan

  1. April 9, 2012

    […] saved anymore. There’s no need to repair the laptop for the 3rd time. So, I declare that my HP Compact laptop officially […]

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