Silver Investment, Now is the perfect timing…

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I have been involved with gold since late 2009. I purchased 1 oz of 24k gold coin (Canadian Maple Leaf). At that particular time, I purchased the coin for RM3840. Now, after 2 years, guess how much the 1 oz gold coin is valued? It is more than RM6k. The market price for 999 gold is >RM200 per gram. I am definitely a happy guy now. However, at the same time it cost a lot to buy a new bar or coin gold due the increase price of the shiny precious metal.

The Silver Journey Begins

So, my youngest brother showed me an alternative. He introduced me to Silver investment which is relatively cheaper than gold. The silver can be considered as the younger brother of gold (haha…that’s my own assumption).

pelaburanperakBut, to make long story short, together with all my brothers and sister, we have successfully purchased silvers. Yep…many of them…

I have now several silvers in my possession. I have 1 tube of Canadian Maple leaf (25 x 1 oz), 1 oz of American Silver Eagle coin, 1 Oz of¬† , 1 oz of silverstone, 4 oz of morgan and the latest one are the Austrian Philharmonic. I’ll show some of my silver collection soon.

Why I invest in Silver?

In short, the percentage increased of silver is extremely high which is almost 800% for the past 10 years whereas in gold percentage increase is only nearly 500% for the same duration. This simply shows that silver has fantastic potential to grow and those who keep silver now can sell silver later in future when the price is higher (and earn very handsome profit). In addition, silver is far cheaper than gold. It is affordable to buy silver.

Learn the right technique of Silver Investment

At this particular moment, silver price has slightly drop. This is without doubt the perfect timing to purchase silver. But, do you know where to buy silver and where to sell silver? Is buying silver from some establish company the most optimum way of building wealth? If you ask me…I’ll answer a big NO. There is other way of getting cheaper silvers… There will be some choice on which silver we want and we decide which one we want…I will always purchase silvers that are the cheapest one… hehe…

Get FREE information on Silver Investment…

If you are new to silver, I would highly recommend you to visit this site: Check it out and download some precious investment information about Silver investment….

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4 Responses

  1. titan says:

    wahh..banyaknya duit silver ko..

  2. cyza says:

    Takde lah banyak sangat…ok ok je…ko ada simpan tak?

  3. adamfaiz says:

    Boleh lebur buat rantai? hehehe…

    P/S long time no hear…

  4. farahaznil says:

    pergh…..tapi sekarang better emas kot..lagi berbaloi baloiiii..hehe

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