I now have the IndoPek Channel…Yes!!!

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poster-sinetron-ketika-cinta-bertasbih-meraih-ridho-ilahiMaybe I have not shared with you that I love watching Indonesian sinetron, movies etc. Now, the time I spent in front of our LED TV Plasma TV is longer, thanks to the IndoPek Channel from Astro.

By far one of my favourite series now is Ketika Cinta Bertasbih the series. This is truly a very good story for us to enjoy and learn. There are many positive virtues being demonstrated in this series and I strongly believe that Malaysia should have such drama created as well.

I have watched Ketika Cinta Bertasbih movie 1 and 2. During the previous Ramadhan, I followed Ketika Cinta Bertasbih Ramadhan sinetron which was the continuity of the movie. Very interesting.

OK, I cannot write now because I have to watch Astro Pelangi to see what’s going to happen to Ustazah Husna and Ustazah Anna. OK…stay tune…

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11 thoughts on “I now have the IndoPek Channel…Yes!!!”

  1. nak buek camna bro…dah minat…citer ni semua orang baik2 sopan sopan…takde orang jahat…tu yang best tgk…pijak semut pun tak mati

  2. hahaha, apa2 je warlord tu…
    koran pun termasuk ek….hikhikhik..

    masa dlm pantang dulu sya dok layan gak sinetron sbb mak asyik bukak je (tu yg stesen tv tak remove cite indon sbb sntiasa ada premintaan dr surirumah)
    say tngok satu cite tu, mmg best, semua baik ibarat pijak semut pun tak mati…
    tapi tiba-tiba ada lak org jahat siap bela setan pastu kepala kuar api lagi…waakakakaka..

    tu yg susah nak trima cite indon, advance sgt merepek dia…hehehe

    lepas tgok movie Malam Jumaat Kliwon dulu2, terus sya blacklist cite seram dr sana…trauma betul!

  3. haha…bagus la…takpe layan je citer Glee dan lain2 di malam selasa…ikut citarasa masing2…betui tak…

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