October 2011 – 3 Domains renewed, 1 domain dropped

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cheapdomaincouponBefore 3 of my successful domains (and blogs) are taken away from me, I decided to spare some time this Saturday afternoon to renew them, each for another year. All these domains are purchased and renewed from CheapDomain.com. Basically I have my domains purchased from Godaddy.com, CheapDomain.com and NetKL.com. I prefer manual renewal compared to auto renewal. This is because I can review the domains and justify personally whether to continue them or not. Some of the unprofitable domains which does not include my short term and medium term planning will be scraped away (not renewed).

So, total cost spent today is $26.01. It’s easy to pay using paypal. Just use the money inside there to pay. However, it is a pity that aweber.com cannot be paid using paypal. Aweber is a email marketing solution that I planned to purchased really soon. I will progressively leave out norabots.com that I have used almost 2 years now.

OK, got to rush to the shower now and prepare to attend our colleagues wedding… See u…

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6 Responses

  1. titan says:

    samalah..aku pun baru aje renew domain kat godaddy. dekat 30 lebih juga. haha..ada 2 domain aku drop. Income terlalu teruk. Terpaksa drop dan tumpu pada domain yang incomenya ok aje..

  2. cyza says:

    Haha…samalah kita ye…ko ada berapa domain all together?

  3. titan says:

    ntahlah. tak ingat. tapi hujung tahun ni..mahu dekat 10 domain gak aku kena renew. haha..tapi ada 2-3 domain aku kena drop..takde hasil sangat. membazir aku rasa. haha..

  4. farahaznil says:

    pergh gila lah..aku ada 1 je..nak tambah yg lain…rasa mcm takut plak..huhu

  5. farahaznil says:

    hihi..ingat titan ada 20..haha

  6. Blog gayet iyi ya ­čÖé

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