Alya’s 6th Year Old Birthday Cakes

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I should have posted this very earlier. Unfortunately, as some of you know, I don’t have the luxury of time to do that. Orait…straight to the point. After 6 years, Alya finally had a birthday party. Not only that she had a birthday party, she also had 2 birthday cakes (within a space of 4 days). Check out her birthday cakes… hehe…

The first birthday cake is the Angry bird birthday cake. Officiated on her own birthday at house (after work). The second birthday cake was the Princes birthday cake (ordered and purchased from Secret Recipe). It weighs 6 kg and it’s really heavy!!! It is also toooooo sweet… I cannot cope with the extend of sugar in the icing of this cake… uh…

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14 thoughts on “Alya’s 6th Year Old Birthday Cakes”

  1. wah, untung alya!
    my sis pun suka tempah kek barbie ni utk dotter dia, tpi dia akan provide sendiri barbie doll tu sbb kos patung tu je pun dah mahal kan…

  2. wow…..brp rm bro…mahai nihhhhhhh..har har har…..kek biaso kat secret rec.tu pun 70 n almost hundred..kalau tinggi pun dah mcm 10inch.nih..mesti lg double2 rega..heheh

  3. my sis dah serik oder kat SR, skang dia suka oder kat bakers yg meniaga dr rumah je…mereka pun buat sesedap SR but cheaper…
    siap boleh tolerate utk provide barbie doll tu so ada potongan kos lah dan minta kurang manis…hihi

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