Our School Break Holiday – Part 1

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The holiday season is ending. I’m sure most of us had at least one decent holiday recently. Well, we had ours as well. It was quite difficult to decide where we should spend the vacation with our kids. We have considered going overseas up but finally after considering flexibility of moving, we decided to just visit Melaka and Port Dickson. So, my wife booked for us a 2 night stay at Afamosa Resort in Melaka and 1 night at Grand Lexus Port Dickson.

The one that really caught my attention and interest is the Grand Lexus Port Dickson hotel. I have been eying to spend a night in this exclusive hotel. Why? Because this is a hotel that have private pool in each single room in it. The only thing hindering us from spending a night there is the cost per night. However, this year, Alhamdulillah, we have some rezeki that we can afford to pay such amount of cash to have a taste of this room.


The room in Grand Lexus Pord Dickson has a glass window floor for us to view the sea surface.


This is the small private pool that in our unit. Because this unit is not at the far end that faced Selat Melaka, I decided to upgrade our room so that we have a better view which faces the sea. That’s an additional RM150 just for the view. I have not state how much is the room rate. Any guess?

Afamosa was interesting and fun as well. We stayed in one of the apartment there with a beautiful view. We booked the apartment with 2 queen beds, sufficient to accommodate the 5 of us. The apartment looks old / seasoned, but it is clean and spacious.

Unfortunately, the hotel room photos accidentally disappeared. So, I cannot show it here.

OK…Need to stop now. It has been 18 minutes since I started this entry. To be continued…

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13 thoughts on “Our School Break Holiday – Part 1”

  1. ACcidentally disappeared tu maksudnya, masa aku transfer gambar ke dalam laptop, no siri gambar dari digital camera tu boleh teroverlap pulak…tu yang bila aku replace je, terhilang la gambar tu…sedih siut…tapi nak buek camna….memang pelik kenapa boleh jadi camtu..

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