1 Important tip to make money with blog from a friend of mine

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I have a friend who is very successful in terms of making huge money online. He lives in Kuala Lumpur. He was my housemate when we studied in Bradford University, UK (13 years ago). Like me, he has 3 kids with her wife. Her wife who previously work in a university quit her job to assist her husband’s online business.

He visited me in Johor early last year and we had a long chat since we have not met for 11 years. A lot have changed since then. I just knew that he is making money online despite of having an Electrical Engineering degree from UK. He is even doing far better than a normal manager salary. I repeat, far better… Having 8 virtual staffs from around the world (at that time) to assist his business and more than 300 websites/blogs, he seems to be very humble and down to earth type of person. Nobody knows who he is because he remains under the radar. He is not like other bloggers or Internet Marketer (IM) in our country (Malaysia) that many people knows. He is far from being that glamorous celebrity blogger or IM.

googleadsensemoneyIf you have been making money with Adsense before 2007, I bet you experienced how long we need to wait to cash out our money when the Adsense cheque from US arrives. We need to wait for 2 months before the money is ready in our saving or current account. Then we can withdraw them and use the cash for simply anything.

Then, after that, Google changed the payment system for Malaysians to Western Union which makes payment shorter to only 1 month (of waiting). Like other Adsense players, I’m glad when Google decided to shift from delivering cheques to using Western Union for pay us the publishers. Many of us don’t have to wait anymore.

So, how can this transfer of payment method (Google Adsense) relate to my friend?

Well, actually Google Adsense contacted my friend and asked his opinion about the change in payment system. I’m not saying he was the only on that Google Adsense contacted. Maybe there are other people as well. But, my friend’s input was requested and applied by Google Adsense. He has been earning handsomely from adsense and Google may want to ask his input and recommendation. Before many Malaysians could withdrawn adsense money using Western Union, he has tested the entire process several times.

Listening to his story which actually he did not intend to tell me made me realize that my friend is really special, knowledgeable, very experience and successful in making money online. It was me who persuaded him to tell and share the story.

OK, enough about my friend’s story. What I want to share with you now is his one important tip to make money with blog when we are doing it on a part time basis. Actually I asked him for some tips to be successful making money online. His tip was very simple:

Focus on one blog only per year. Make that blog an authority blog and it will remain top in the search engine result page (SERP). Then, if you want to venture into other blog, then you can do it the next year.

That’s it. Short and simple. According to him, that’s the only tip (not tips) and I feel I need to share it with you guys.

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8 Responses

  1. titan says:

    setuju. aku ada tumpu 1 blog untuk jadikan blog tu rujukan ramai orang. Menjadi..trafik maintain 1-4k sehari. Dah capai tahap tu..baru aku move on. bukak blog baru..dan begitu juga seterusnya..

    ramai orang macam kawan ko tu. Semuanya stay under radar aje..hehe

  2. noriz says:

    wah hebat la…

    sapa tu?

    sya nak maintain stau pun terkial apalagi nak ada byk blog around the world…huhu, bukan calang2 dia kan…

  3. cyza says:

    Yes, indeed a very important tip betul tak… Aku pun larat tak larat je nak maintain blog ni…tulis blog ni pun seronok dan boleh release tension buat Ph.d.

  4. cyza says:

    Ada lah my friend…kalau citer pun takde sapa kenal… He is just normal person. Shopping on weekdays. Weekend lepak kat rumah…Condo kat KL ada 2 bijik..

  5. titan says:

    Yap..tak perlu banyak sangat blog. Tapi kalau macam tnx..memang kena banyak blog la. haha..

  6. cyza says:

    TNX ko camna bro? Aku punya alhamdulillah best lah…hehe..pasif income beb

  7. farahaznil says:

    dia tnx takyah tanya…tiap2 bln ada…raja tnx……huhuhuh…titan..nak ebook tnx?heheh

  8. cyza says:

    Oh…want free ebook? Can know problem…make sure you win contest in my blog each and every month…use the cash to buy from titan…

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