5 Gadgets That I Want in 2012

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Who doesn’t want new gadgets for him or herself? I want new gadgets myself. I believe you also want one or two or more… Don’t you? I would like to list here my gadget wish for 2012. Check it out below:

1. Samsung Galaxy Note or Samsung Galaxy SII. I want either this to upgrade from my present Samsung Galaxy Ace.


The great Samsung Galaxy Note. It cost RM222X in Malaysia now.

2. New Laptop – Powerful one. It will either be Toshiba or Asus Laptop. I have no interest with Sony Vaio Laptop. I have been using my present Toshiba white laptop for a while and I think it is loaded with too many softwares (for my career/Ph.D and my online activities).


This is ASUS Zenbook UX31E DH52 – Core i5 – 4 GB Ram. Anybody want to gift this as a present to me? Roughly RM3600++

3. New Printer. It can be a 3 in 1 colour laser printer or 3 in 1 black laser printer. I just need a printer for myself in my own office room at work. If it is not a 3 in 1 printer, then I will get additional stand alone scanner. I’ll make my work as paperless possible.

HP Color LaserJet 2840 All-in-One Color Laser

This is HP Color LaserJet 2840 All-in-One Color Laser which cost somewhere around RM1xxx.

4. New DSLR camera. I have a compact digital camera now but I’m thinking to give the camera to my kids. For replacement, I think I should get myself a new DSLR camera. I have been eying Nikon D90 and Nikon D3100 so far. However, I’m not serious yet to purchase one because I have spoken to myself to complete my Ph.D first before getting my hands on this pricy piece of equipment.


A close-up of the Nikon DSLR D3100. This one is not as costly as Nikon DSLR D90.

5. Casio G-Shock Riseman 9200-1. For your information, I have never owned or purchased a wrist watch. All wrist watches that I owned are gifts from my wife, father and from lucky draw!!! After all this time, I’ll get myself a new Casio G-Shock Riseman 9200-1. Why this model? Because I want a G-Shock that have Thermometer, Altimeter and Barometer. Don’t ask why I need those features. I’m an engineer and I would like to have those data accessible to me anytime anywhere.


What about you? What are the top 5 gadgets that you want to own/purchase or wish as a gift from your loves one?

I would like to make this as a “TAG” game… So, those who I tagged need to share in their blog about the “5 Gadgets that I want in 2012” or “5 Gajet yang saya nak dalam 2012”.

I just want to tag the top 3 commentors in Cyza Sector now. They are:

So, I hope Farahaznil, Tital and Noriz can share what they want in 2012…Can you? Then, you can pass the tag or chain to others…hehe

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33 Responses

  1. All the 5 gadgets you aimed are damn good.I like the 1st one most.Galaxy note has some
    outstanding features.Crazy about fully.

  2. Friends of mine just got the new Galaxy and the screen is absolutely amazing! It puts my Motorola Atrix to shame…. my only complaint with the Galaxy is that it’s MASSIVE even without a screen protector…..

  3. noriz says:

    lorrrr, tersangkut lak nama?
    i ada 7 tag lum uat termsuk yg u kasi 1st dulu …hahah, sorry ek lum smepat uat…

    ada lak tambahan lain…hihii,

    kena perah otak ni…

  4. noriz says:

    eh tertinggal,
    hp samsung tu u survey gak di superbuy.my sbb ada less sket compare to shop tpi beli kat kedai ni senang nak rujuk & request apa2 kan..

    Dslr pulak…
    klu boleh jgn target d90 lagi sbb ia antara perintis awal produk nikon…
    cam outdated sket, baik u target d5100 sbb mmg best..monitor leh pusing2 gitu!

  5. cyza says:

    I don’t mind. Ada masa nak buat boleh buat, kalau tak nak pun takpe. Just for fun je.


  6. titan says:

    adeh. adeh..kena tag plakk..

  7. cyza says:

    Aha…padan muka!!! hoho

  8. ini semua dah buka bisnes sendiri ni.

  9. farahaznil says:

    hahah……..nnt akan ku jawab tag2 nih……

  10. cyza says:

    I’m just waiting for the perfect time to grab one of those sleek Samsung Galaxy Note…

  11. cyza says:

    I don’t think Samsung Galaxy Note screen protector will affect the size significantly…don’t you think so?

  12. cyza says:

    Noriz…ok ok point taken…thanks for the tips…What about you… ? Tak nak sambar Samsung Galaxy Note ke?

  13. cyza says:

    Haha…ye ke…tapi aku pakai sendiri la

  14. cyza says:

    Aha…bagus lah tu…

  15. Aha very technology full post i like it….

  16. cyza says:

    Glad you like it…

  17. azwan says:

    Casio is a good chice. Aku pun pakai Casio, tape edifice bukannya gshock

  18. cyza says:

    Betul bro.. As a matter of fact, I just got my new G-Shock Riseman 9200-1 yesterday at a very good price. All shops around Plaza Angsana sells it at RM999. I found a shop that sells This G-shock Riseman 9200-1 at RM899. When I asked the shop owner, they say they can give 20% discount. However those discount is not attractive compared to the price that I got…he he…Later I’ll make a post on that soon…

  19. I also interest in Galaxy Notes bro.. But i have been thinking until 10x in order to buy it. Not sure if it will be very useful or not. Consider the price is 2k ckckck..

  20. farahaznil says:

    tak sabor nak dgr cerita nih…haha…rasanya klu kaki hiking rmi gak guna jam jenis mcm ni…tp rmi yg prefer casio…mcm yg azwan ckp..huhuh

  21. cyza says:

    Let’s wait for a while, maybe until mid 2012 and see if the price drops.

  22. Yeah, you might be right. I guess it depends on the screen protector too.

    My screen protector on the Atrix doubles the size of it… but I’ve also dropped the phone 4-5 times in the past few months and nothing has happened to the phone.

  23. noriz says:

    me? galaxy note?

    digelakkan org je…huhu

    bukan apa.. sbb i keje ngadap akaun je, bukan mencabar cam engineering like u perlu gajet canggih…hehe

    dan tak mampu pun…adehhh, mahal beno..

  24. noriz says:

    me mmg nak buat cuma dok fikir2, takde gajet yg perlu sbb takde bajet kan….hahaha

  25. noriz says:

    dan ketinggalan info lagi…

    cari nikon after march lah sbb kilang dia di thailand tu baru pulih dr banjir…huhu

  26. farahaznil says:

    haha…baguih2…2012 ni keluarkan semua product yg ada..pastu thn depan tguu rega jatuh..ehu..!

  27. cyza says:

    Ini yang teringin, tak kira lah ada budget ke tak… just lepas kan apa yang tersimpan di dada.

  28. New laptop she so power ful and more feature.I have been using my present………

  29. Ahmad Hati says:

    I aim Galaxy Note or IPhone 4s

  30. cyza says:

    What about the new water proof Iphone 5?

  31. My Friend just got the new Galaxy and the screen is absolutely amazing…….

  32. New DSLR camera :- I have a compact digital camera now but I’m thinking to give the camera to my kids……….

  33. umi says:

    Hye! I nak jual my D90.. If u’re interested..u can email me at umimarsella@yahoo.com

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