Happy New Year 2012 + My Goals for the new year

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Happy-New-Year-20122011 is now ending (at the time I write this entry) and 2012 will soon appear. I believe everybody has been busy reflecting their achievements or performance in many aspects / angles for the past 365 days.

My Career

I have been doing just that as well. Thanks God, I have managed to achieved 2 huge goals which are to be a professional engineer (under Board of Engineers Malaysia) that allows me to use the title “Ir.” in front of my name. I also managed to be a “Chartered Engineer” under Engineering Council of UK. That’s after I passed my Professional Interview conducted by IChemE last August. That leaves me with the final goal that I need to achieve which is to complete my Ph.D in 2012. Hence, career wise, I’m really thankful to God and others who have been assisting and supporting me directly and indirectly towards achieving my goals.

In another aspect of my career, the paper publication part has not been that encouraging for me this year. I have identified that and I’m doing everything that is possible to ensure I can get some technical paper publications this year (2012). However, despite on that, I have managed to published an article in Petroleum Africa magazine and also contributed a book chapter in a book that will be published in April 2012 under John Wiley. Thank God for all the help.

My Online Business

In the other hand, business wise, I have not been that successful. The main reason is because I could not be focused on my business development. I have limited time and most of my time I need to spend on my career. The only business part that shows some encouraging progress is via my partnership with Azwan where both of us run JBCool.com, ShahAlamCity.com and numerous other websites together. Our income has slightly increase than previous year and we are in the process of starting several more projects.

Personal and Family Wise

I have mentioned always that my new years resolution is to be a balance human being. It’s hard accomplish and measure that. This section reminds me on my thread 2 years ago where my goal is to be a balance human being. 2 years has passed, but since it is hard to measure, I still feel that I’m not performing well in being a balance human being. I hope I can identify certain ways to measure the concept of being a balance human being…

Well, that’s it for now… I want to spend some time enjoying the new year break…after reading some very technical Glycerol mechanism paper…fuhhh….

p/s: After a while, I’m going to announce the new Cyza Sector Contest soon. Reasonably good prizes and rewards will be awarded to the winners. All you need is just a paypal.com account. I welcome sponsors as well…haha…Stay tune…

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7 Responses

  1. Keep it up bro.. Career and business is two different thing. Dont know if we can make it up both of them together.

  2. cyza says:

    InsyaAllah…we just need to believe… Yes, have the believe…and faith

  3. titan says:

    perhh..kiranya ko dah ada geralan “Ir” la sekarang nih?? wahhh..

  4. cyza says:

    Ala Titan…takde apa lah title di dunia yang fana’ ni…Yang penting keredhaan Allah…itu yang patut kita cari…

    Gelaran itu memang keperluan kerjaya aku sekarang…Wallahua’lam…

  5. noriz says:

    wah, dah kena panggil Ir Zaki lah pas ni ek?
    dah sama standard Dato NC ni kan…. hebat hebat…

    Prof Fauzi dgn Prof Rosli pun kalah…hehe (saje sebut 2 nama prof yg teror research di fkk)

  6. cyza says:

    Aiseyman…senyap2 sudah lah ye..sebab malas nak kecoh-kecoh… I will only use that for official business only..sesama rakan2 blogger…pakai nama biasa je dah la…anyway, thanks for your help clearkan all those claims…cheers..

  7. noriz says:

    don worri… tak kecoh pun cuma since u dah mention dlm blog so i shud congrats u..

    but u deserve it, bukan senang pun nak dpt title tu…

    ia tambah extra kredit pd portfolio u kan…

    well done!

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