Ideas Needed to Improve Cyza Sector

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Dear fellow Cyza Sector readers,

It is my intention to bring Cyza Sector to the next level. I know the past year has not been that cool for my humble blog. I have not been consistent in maintaining and nurturing my own private blog. However, the emergence of 2012 has some how provided me some slice of motivation for me to light up Cyza Sector. I want Cyza Sector to be a cool and wonderful blog for people like you to follow, read and enjoy. I want to see Cyza Sector’s Alexa rank and Google Page Rank improve. It is my desire to see more page views per day and generate some decent revenue from ads incorporated within Cyza Sector’s abdomen.

My 2 cent worth ideas

I have some ideas to improve Cyza Sector. I plan to have my own Cyza Sector Facebook Page and Twitter. Besides that I would also like to utilize more useful and important WordPress plugins. I know and own some imperative plugins but I have not yet install them. I would also love to have a new Cyza Sector look, which basically means new cool design. The present design is not that cool, I think. Maybe you share the same opinion as well.

Some improvements have been geared such as running a small contest to improve my Alexa rank and also placement of my Adsense to improve my online earning (I just inserted adsense code just now). I also tried my best to spend some time musing in Cyza Sector to ensure I have a daily posting.

Your million dollar idea is what I desperately want

My time is limited. Hence, I will only improve and upgrade Cyza Sector gradually, one step at a time. I would love to have new fresh ideas on how I can further improve Cyza Sector and bring it to the highest level. I have seen some successful English blog, local and international such as and (just to name a few) which are extremely successful. There are tonnes of other great blogs out there that deserved to be listed here but hey… I’m not here to make a blog directory.

That’s why I created this entry, specially to rip off some fresh juice from you. I need your idea. It can be good and bad. It can be common and creative. It can be expected and it can be out of the moon idea. Just throw out what you have in mind and what you think would work for Cyza Sector. You can do that by typing those creative idea(s) in the comment box below.

Should I reward the best Idea?

Hmmm… I have not think about that yet. But why not? To make it interesting and simple, I’ll gift away $7 (that’s US dollar ok…in case some of you got confuse) for the single best idea that me, myself like. I know that’s not too much but it is something at least for the best idea.The decision will be final and cannot be contested by others.¬† Final date will be end of January 2012 at 11.59 pm. I hope you will give your best shot on this ok…and be part of Cyza Sector’s triumph journey.

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16 Responses

  1. titan says:

    emm..kalau ada modal besar, aku cadang ko buat pertandingan besar-besaran. PAsal blog ko ni, aku rasa ko antara blogger yang cukup lama. Dari 2007 lagi. Ntah start bila aku lepak kat blog ko ni pun aku dah tak ingat. Tapi kira lama jugaklah. Haha.. so. Ada 4 cadangan dari aku selain ko buat brand atau penjenamaan blog-blog ko.

    1. contest besar-besaran. hadiah? bagi yang menarik. Hehe..
    2. fanpages, twitter, linkedin dan benda-benda social ni kasi lengkap.
    3. update blog setiap hari dengan macam-macam isu.
    4. rajin komen blog orang lain.

    Aku tahu memang susah. Tapi kata nak Next Level kan? Jadi, semuanya mesti next level kan? hehe..ada banyak nak bagi cadangan, tapi cukuplah yang ini. Ini cadangan biasa-biasa aje..aku yakin ramai ada cadangan yang lebih kacak dari aku. hoho..

  2. farahaznil says:

    hahaha..itu dia….idea MLOM – [multilevel orang minyak] dari titan…har har har..haah..kalau buat contest besar-besaran…sure ramai yg join…tp brp lama depa boleh lepak sini??heheh….kena blogwalking juga lah jwbnya..huhu

  3. adamfaiz says:

    update content, blogwalking, nak uruskan contest, semua perlukan tenaga dan masa yang banyak. Something that i know u don’t have at the moment. But there is still ways and means to achieve all this, one of which is something that is often done by top IM – OUTSOURCE!!! My half cent….

  4. noriz says:

    sya teringin nak sumbang idea tapi takde idea pun…huhuuu

    tak layak pun nak bagi idea sbb blog sya sndiri merangkak-rangkak…

    i think u’r good enuf, dah otai dan stabil cuma sayang last year u byk ‘ponteng’ update sbb bz kan…
    but this year when u get back on track, everything shud be fine…
    mesti sekejap je PR dan alexa naik semula…

  5. cyza says:


    Thanks a lot for the list of tips given. Those that you have listed are already in my mind. The only thing is for me to execute it. However, I may need some idea regarding the “contest” . If you have any idea on any interesting and unique contest that I can run here, that would be interesting. In overall I appreciate all your recommendation very much. Cheers mate.

  6. cyza says:

    Farah…Where is your idea? I’m waiting for UIA brain here…hehe

  7. cyza says:

    Yes you are right about me not having the luxury of time. I’m pretty much thinking the best way of outsourcing a personal blog. A niche or tech blog is easy to outsource, but a personal blog like Cyza Sector demands a personal touch. Anyway, I appreciate your comment indeed. Thanks.

  8. cyza says:

    Wow…long time no see… hehe…betui tu about ponteng…but what to do… you know, lots of stuffs to do…So, la ni buat alasan blogging to release tension.

  9. adamfaiz says:

    Agreed. Personal blog has to have personal touch but running a contest and routine maintenance can always be handled by someone else.Perhaps you can also introduce a co-author to manage certain post categories. Just my view..

  10. cyza says:

    Yes. Now I’m seeing this in a different angle. Thanks to you. You are right in that matter. I already know which categories that I can outsource.

  11. titan says:

    em..contest..bagi yang pelik-pelik pun takpa. yang mudah-mudah pun takpe.

    untuk permulaan..kasi brand dan expose diri ko dekat blogger lain. Bila orang kenal..senang sikit nak kasi virus kat diorang.

    Contoh terbaik aku buat. Virus kacak. Dah menular tanpa kawalan sekarang. Dulu aku leh kawal lagi virus kacak tu dalam blog aku. Tapi kalau dah terviral kat blog orang lain, aku tak leh wat apa dahh..aku buat anti-viral atau antivirus untuk virus kacak tu..dah tak lut..virus kacak tu dah boleh fikir sendiri. silap aku juga kasi sebar virus tu. haha..

  12. noriz says:

    virus kacak ni ke yg titan ada apply masa jadi CSI check IP address utk pengomen yg kritik entry Ombak Rindu tu?

    thats really cool!

  13. farahaznil says:

    hahahaa..sampai kat blog aku pun..tah apa2 keyword masuk…ada plak cari “macam mana nak jadi kacak”…hu hu

  14. farahaznil says:

    sabaq nahhh…budak uia tgh cuti..karat sket..haha..mlm ni keluar lah idea dia tu..hi hi

  15. cyza says:

    Oh…patutlah adik aku ada kat JB.

  16. cyza says:

    Dalam blog tu Farah jadi kacak…hehe

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