I’m Having Headache with All This Chemical Formulas

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Some people joke around and say Ph.D = Permanent Head Damage!!! How true is this? Many Ph.D students becomes short circuit sometimes because they need to do the extra thinking. That happens to me as well now especially in my final year. Let me just share with you some slice of my Ph.D in Chemical Engineering (my version).


This is my blue hard cover notebook that I have mentioned few days ago (that I will write on it everyday). From now on I will always record my discovery or even anything related to my studies here.


This is one of the pages in my blue book. I’ve just written this few days ago and I’m still confuse and puzzle with all this chemical reaction formulas and transition state. Anybody want to help me…please…


This is my scribble today. I need to formulate a new reaction mechanism for the reaction of my process. There is still long way to go. I need to read and research more as well as analyze my experimental result. Finally, I will create a thermodynamic modelling based on the reaction mechanism that I propose.

Common Cyza, you can do it. Get this done by this year!!! You go girl boy…

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27 thoughts on “I’m Having Headache with All This Chemical Formulas”

  1. aku suka kimia. Tapi takde la pandai sangat. Ada bab aku suka. Pasal ikatan kimia..dan memacam lagi. Tapi bab kena CH-C-CHH.. mengarut semua tu..memang aku fail selalu. haha..

  2. Err, Chemistry… especially this chapter on hehe… long kept on the book rack (like ages?)Sorry, could not help, those tiny little c and dashes make my eyes waters :)haha…

  3. No problem…If my kampung is not at Kuantan, I will stay at your homestay if i go to Gambang water resort…hehe

  4. Bro..my actual message is that, kampung saya di Kuantan…so, tak kan nak duk kat homestay di Bukit Gambang…Cuma, kalau kampung saya bukan di Kuantan, boleh lah datang homestay tu…Anyway, i can just help you promote your homestay…huhu

  5. Chemistry is everywhere around us. Its part of our live. Its kinda like scientist already by looking at those formula. I think you enjoy your current work aren’t you? Otherwise how come you can survive until now hahaha..

  6. haha…no hal…thanks for coming to my blog yea…My in laws actually duk at Permatang Badak…dekat je la nak ke Bukit Gambang tu..

  7. Oh…I’m so touch to read your statement…It’s a paradoxical emotion actually. I love what i do and sometimes I hate it. I think I love it when I can do it at my own pace…but the fact that I need to rush kind of pressure me a little. I just want to complete my phd this year and take a short break before getting active in research.

  8. If most of the time you love what you are doing, that you are in the right track. Yea pressure for sure is killing.. Hope you can get your phd this year man.

  9. The two medications are prepared in a different manner. Though oxycontin contains more of oxycodone, it is also prepared in a manner that releases the medication gradually……..

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