Late Night in The Lab…Alone

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Wow…Certainly this wasn’t the way I picture myself in a Wednesday evening/night. I was analyzing my feeling liquid product sample since this morning. I’m tired, hungry, strees and bored. But I need to do this. I need to analyze and find some answer to know the identity of my liquid products (from my experiments). I’m now alone in the lab, running some test. I haven’t had my dinner yet. I’m very cold. The air conditioner (aircond) is too cold. Just check the temperature indicator at my new watch below. It shows 23.3 celcius. That’s like spring weather in United Kingdom.


This is some view of the lab I’m stuck in tonight…hehe…


That’s my white Toshiba laptop and on the right hand side of it is the Gas Chromatography that I’m using to analyze my sample.


My G-Shock Riseman temperature indicator is showing 23.3 celcius…I’m freezing man…


Is this a boring face or a confuse face or sleepy face?


Maybe the above face is more towards indicating a confused face after consecutively looking at graphs like these. What does it mean really…Dohhhh?

Common Cyza, it’s just temporary. You’ll make it. You’ll smile after this…haha…that is just to encourage myself. Some motivation and some piece of spirit to keep me fighting on this Ph.D quest.

In a moment my wife will fetch me and bring me home. I don’t have any idea what to eat for dinner. Should I make it simple and diet by drinking just a warm glass of oat meal? Or should I grab a nice piece of spicy beef burger? Or should I buy and eat the squirmy charkuetiow nearby my house? I’m not sure yet. Let’s just see how it goes soon.

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14 Responses

  1. titan says:

    haha..layan filem la. apa lagi..

  2. web host asp says:

    Wow sounds like a rough day! Hope you get to go home soon and get rest. Good on you for being a good worker and getting things done.

  3. cyza says:

    Yep…I watched KEtika Cinta Bertasbih: Dari Sujud ke Sujud (the series episode 2). As a result I’m very sleepy today…

  4. cyza says:

    Haha…thanks…it’s now a new day and I hope my today will be fruitful than yesterday…

  5. titan says:

    hoho..layan cerita hantu la. baru best. haha..

  6. Shukor says:

    Fuhh! Respek la kat ko bro. Takper, biar susah dahulu then senang di kemudian hari.

    P/S: Teringat kat bos aku cakap: Ph.D=Permanent Head Damage 😀

  7. cyza says:

    Haha…terima kasih bro…InsyaAllah..harapnya ok lah…dan lulus tahun ni. Ameen.

  8. farahaznil says:

    fuh..jam baruuuuu..power2..heheheh…..burger sodap…char kuey teow pun sooodaaap !! haha

  9. cyza says:

    Aku just makan roti je lepas tu…hehe

  10. noriz says:

    alahai cian nyeeee…
    tak pe, tak lama je lagi kan nak abis phd u ni…

    char kuew teo kat rumah kita tu mmg sedap kan…nampak je kedai tak semengah tapi power gak, murah pun murah…

  11. cyza says:

    Haha…the battle still continues. Kena habiskan, baru lega. Kalau tak, it will be a never ending story. Doakan ye.

  12. noriz says:


    u can do it!

  13. cyza says:

    Thanks… for your support and encouragement.

  14. I miss being able to work in a lab. I used to love it, and since I graduated my jobs haven’t been in a field that i would be able to be in one.

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