My Daily Routine for 2012

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team bola facultyAfter sharing with you about my goals for 2012, I’m going to share with you my daily routine that I plan to do this year.

Each and everyday, I plan to do the followings:

Eat healthy diet. My diet now will include fish and warm water. I also eat less chicken than before. I will consume lesser fried meal. This is because I need to take care of my bad cholesterol level.

Exercise on a daily basis. This is hard to do but I need to do. I have started playing badminton twice a week. But that is not enough. Hence, I add up with jogging at least 30 minutes per day. 30 minutes of jogging will help me burn 200 calories of fat in my body. I wish I can play soccer or futsal on a daily basis, but my time and schedule cannot fit those activities. The photo up there shows me and the faculty football team during the inter department football tournament. Can you identify me?

Write something in Cyza Sector… Haha…I have this covered and I want to make a lively blog. I hope you will enjoy my musings here.

Teach my kids to recite Al-Quran and Iqra’. Before this, our son learn to read Iqra’ and Quran in Jamiah (a place where they can learn to ngaji). Thanks to my neighbour who helped us send our son to the class for the past 2 years. Now, this year, I am going to personally teach my kids to read Al-Quran and Iqra’. The time to do that is before Magrib and Isya’. My other half will assist me when she’s not on “holiday”.

Record all my research activities in my Big Blue Hard Cover Book. I have the book since I started my Ph.D but I hardly use it. Now, in my final years of research (Ph.D), I’m going to utilize the book like nobody’s business.

Record my credit + debit (financial record) before I sleep. This is crucially imperative as I will be able to track down all the expenditures. Otherwise, the money will disappear just like that. For that, I have a small black book to record everything. Luckily, for my online business, I have my friend Azwan who manages our financial matters. At home, my wife is the finance manager…

That’s all. I don’t include activities like praying, eating, taking shower etc because those are basic stuffs…ain’t it? Haha…What about you? Any new activities that you plan to do this year?

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11 Responses

  1. titan says:

    aku sejak mula tulis blog dengan serius, memang aku catit duit keluar masuk..kalau tak..memang susah la nak habiskan hutang-hutang aku far, aku takde rutin harian. Sebab aku jenis redah far, takde masalah lagi..hehe..

  2. cyza says:

    Titan, baguih lah tu…bab manage duit memang aku ngaku agak lemah…tu yang banyak orang kena support…ishk ishk

  3. noriz says:

    eh, cam sikit2 goal saya gak… hihiii

    apapun, kita kena displin dlm semua perkara kan.. baru idup lebih teratur…huhu*ckp tak serupa bikin aku ni”

  4. cyza says:

    haha…memang lebih kurang je…bab jaga makan dan jaga kesihatan…That’s a must…no question ask…betui tak…

    Tapi basikal tu memang cute…

  5. titan says:

    tapi memang kelakarlah bila tengok balik. beli gula..beli santan..beli coklat..kekadang aku catit gak. haha..

  6. cyza says:

    Takpe..janji tahu sen-sen dan RM yang kecik2 ke mana…semua well recorded…

  7. You have nice goal for the year 2012.God helps you for archiving this goal.

  8. cyza says:

    Thanks ­čÖé

  9. noriz says:

    cute ek basikal? haha
    tapi dah kaku dah park depan rumah, tak sempat nak cycle lagi…huhuuu

  10. cyza says:

    Well, I think you just need to be more discipline. CAkap kat diri sendiri, at least kayuh 15 minit sehari petang2 lepas balik kerja…sambil ditemani husband + anak2 jogging atau breeze walk…ok lah tu

  11. noriz says:

    oh tidak semudah itu..

    sbb i balik keje dah almost 6…
    wlupun ofis hour cuma 5pm tpi cam mustahil nak balik on time……
    then sampai rumah dah sibuk masak dinner…huhuuu, jgn kata 15 min…5 min pun tak merasa nak breeze walk tu…

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