My New G-Shock Riseman G-9200 + Brief Review

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As stated in my earlier post, finally I managed to grab hold on one of my wanted gadgets for 2012. It is the new Casio G-Shock Riseman G-9200. I wanted this watch mainly because I have not bought for myself any watch (entire life before) and at the same time I want to have a tough durable watch with thermometer and pressure features. With G-Shock Riseman G-9200 I can have a combination of shock resist, 200m water resist, solar powered (cool!!! No battery needed), world time, altimeter (I can know how much high I am from the sea water level), Barometer (I can know the pressure of the environment I am at) and thermometer (I can know the temperature of my surrounding). Those are among the G-Shock Riseman G-9200 specifications.


This is the box casing of G-Shock Riseman G-9200. The box looks nice, but let’s see what is inside the box.


OK, inside the box, we have the warranty card. The warranty for this G-Chock Riseman G-9200 is limited to one year. At the warranty card, it shows the terms and condition for warranty, the email to contact if there is any problem, the model of the G-Shock that we purchase and the date of purchase. In my case the date of purchase is 21/1/2012. The seller gave me 14 days personal warranty and after that the G-Shock 1 year warranty takes place.


This is the new beautiful metal like casing that covers the G-Shock Riseman 9200-1. According to the seller, previously no metal casing was given. The G-shock is only given in the box.


There you are. The new G-Shock Riseman 9200-1 that I have waited for quite some time. How does it look? Cool?


Yes, that’s a G-Shock Riseman 9200-1 on my wrist. Can you see the temperature and pressure? This was taken just now and the temperature is 29.2 Celcius and the pressure is 29.60 inHg.


To test the functionality of the temperature measurement capability, I placed my Casio G-Shock Riseman G-9200 in the freezer. The freezer is set at -14 degree Celsius. After about 5 minutes, I retrieved my watch and checked the temperature. It shows -1.5 degree Celcius. I won’t let it stay too long in the freezer because the temperature range of this watch is just

I have not read the G-Shock Riseman manual yet. I will read later on.

Read other comprehensive G-Shock Riseman GW-9200 review here. There’s a very slight difference between G-9200 and GW-9200 but in overall they are 99% the same. G-9200 is non-atomic while GW-9200 has atomic feature.

So, how much do you think the cost of this watch?

I made a brief survey in Plaza Angsana Johor Bahru to see for myself the watch and price by myself. I visited 4 watch shops. In all watch / clock shops that I visited, the price tag is RM999. One of the shop put RM899 price tag. Some of the shops said that they provide 20% discount if I want to purchase it. Wow…the prices are quite high!!! Don’t you think so?

I also made a survey in, and The price is relatively cheaper than the one sold in the shops. I found one seller in that offers a new G-Shock Riseman 9200-1 at RM480. I SMS him and he replied that he has the model that I wanted. I asked him whether he can reduce the price. He offered me RM470 ~ last offer. I agreed and waited for the watch. This was a Cash-On-Delivery (COD) purchase.

Last Friday, I met the seller. He was nice and we chatted. He gave me the watch and even invited me to the nearby watch shop to verify the authenticity of the G-Shock Watch that I purchased from him. I said, it is ok. No need to do so because it look original to me. Remember, I have visited few shops previously and I can say that it is original and not a fake one.

In addition, I know how the fake G-Shock Riseman looks like. My son owns one. It’s fake and there’s no features accept for the light and stock watch.

I gave him RM500. He don’t have any change. So, he said… It’s OK, I sell it to you for RM450. I was surprised!!! But, I pulled out RM20 from my wallet and paid exactly RM470.

So, the total price of G-Shock Riseman 9200that I paid is RM470 (about USD$156). I’m happy with my new watch!!!

I will certainly purchase some more watches from that guy later in future. I planned to purchase Casio Edifice (not digital).

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20 Responses

  1. farahaznil says:

    fuh………………half price…jeles gua…..hahahahaha….wah3x..bahagia pki jam baru…

    ps – apa kata buat lagi 1 post..mcm mana nak tahu jam tu ori ke tak..heheh

  2. cyza says:

    Haha..Farah…farah…OK..if I have the desire to write that type of post, I will do it..but I’m not the expert…haha

    Should I give a way G-Shock watch as a price for a contest?

  3. azwan says:

    Murahnya mamat tu jual kat kau.

  4. titan says:

    aku tak reti jaga jam. kalau ada..mesti hilang punya..jam yang mahal-mahal aku beli. semua hilang, semua kena kebas. yang murah tu je ada satu. sampai hari ini tak hilang. yela..jam murah. tapi bateri dia dah habis. malas betul aku nak gi topup bateri jam tu..

  5. farahaznil says:

    ngeh3x……boleh juga….baru rasa spesel sikit contest tu…dpt jam g shock woo…tp pastikan yg *ori*..heheh

  6. cyza says:

    Boleh diconsiderkan kalau poket ku dah penuh sampai tak muat nak masuk duit…huhu

  7. cyza says:

    Boleh la bro…

  8. cyza says:

    Hehe…macam kena buat contest bagi jam je…

  9. Its looks cool man i your hand 🙂
    I think it will be very useful for your current work. Measure this and that..

  10. cyza says:

    Thanks bro…hehe

  11. Shukor says:

    Wah, congrats bro. Satu gadget impian dah berjaya dimiliki.

    Aku pun teringin jugak nak pakai G-Shock Riseman ni..Sekarang ni pakai Edifice jer dulu.

  12. cyza says:

    Hehe…thanks. Casio Edifice pun cun.

  13. noriz says:

    mmg macho sapa pakai g-shock ni…

    dan u really beruntung sbb dpt 1/2 price!

  14. cyza says:

    Actually the price at the boutique shop is over mark-up!!! So, we just search for the best deal in town. You can get your husband a new watch although you already get him one recently… betui tak?

  15. noriz says:

    exactly, kedai mmg teruk betul mark-up mereka…

    yup, i dah belikan husband Edifice masa besday dia dulu pun cari thru online…mmg jauh murah..

    jam lama dia ada G-shock so dia pakai lah 2 jam tu utk 10 tahun lagi, haha…
    nak belikan baru lagi???

    i yg deserve jam baru sebenarnya…hihi

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