Our Shanghai Trip

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Following is the real journal recorded by myself in Ipad when I traveled to Shanghai with my wife to attend a conference last month (last year) unless notified otherwise. The kids stayed at home while we stayed apart from them for 6 days. That was the first time both of us were separated from our kids.
18/12/2011 (Sunday) – 2038 hours – in the clouds (flying)

Today we travel to Shanghai via AirAsia X flight number D7 0306 which took off at 5.35pm Malaysia time. We were expected to reach Hangzhou Airport at 10.35pm local time. The journey takes 5 hours. In the flight we ate some tasty Nasi Lemak with chicken rendang. Our seat number is 32K and 32J. I spent some time reading the 360 AirAsia magazine. One of the content that caught my attention was how AirAsia business evolved after 10 years. Ok….to be continued soon… I want to try and have some brief nap.

shanghaivacationMe and my aeroplane. Still in LCCT…

nasilemakpakaliairasiaThis is the famous Nasi Lemak Pak Ali for Air Asia X (international flight from Malaysia). It looks like a normal nasi lemak but believe me it taste damn good.

19/12/2011 (monday) – 0032 hours – in car somewhere between Hangzhou Airport and Sun Island Resort

We were fetched by Mr. Soh, the driver which the hotel arranged to pick us at the airport. We were glad to see him. But then, we realized that we cannot converse with him. He cannot speak English. So, nothing much to say, to talk. He drove a Volkswagen sedan. It was a pity because we cannot enjoy the scenery. It was dark every where accept some signage or billboard next to the highway. We are so sleepy but we dont want to sleep before we arrive at Sun Island Resort. We are worried if our driver who we believed is in his 50s becomes sleepy while driving. Oh yes, just now after the plane landed, my wife had already text my mother and son that we have safely landed. We also got a new friend in the plane. Who else if not the guy who sat beside me. He is a manager working for a multinational cement company. His a Malaysian chinese who works in China since 2007. Ok enough for now. I want to observe the road to Sun Island Resort. Ending this at 0043 hours.

shangaiairportThe guy pushing the trolley in front of my wife is Mr Soh. He was our driver who fetched us from airport. It was really blazing cold. The temperature was probably below 5 degree celcius.

sunislandresortshanghaiThis is somewhere in Sun Island Resort while walking from our hotel room to the lobby. It was really far. For this time only we did not call for a shuttle bus. After this, we always call the shuttle bus. It’s really cold.

skypebreakfastshanghaiWe communicated with our kids and my parents using Skype. We skyped using the ipad. So, there’s no need for us to purchase a phone card or use our mobile phone while our stay in Shanghai. The skype is free since I managed to get a one month promotional offer.

22/12/2011 (thursday) – 1030 hours – in hotel room. Resting.

Yeah…i know it has been 3 days since i recorded our activities in Shanghai live. I intended to post this in my blog but due to limited internet access, i cannot do so. Sun Island Resort is a huge resort, maybe can be compared to Afamosa Resort in Melaka. The pass few days were packed, tight and tiring for me and my wife. That’s why i did not write and post in this travelog. Our room is equipped with broadband internet access but my wife’s ipad cannot connect with the wired broadband. That’s why we can only access the internet at the hotel lobby which is 800 meters from our room. With the internet access, we are able to make free Skype calls to our kids and parents at home (Johor).

Our room looks fine and is warm enough. The room is comfortable enough for us to stay for several nights here. No prob. However, the only thing we realize is that this hotel is too far from Shanghai city center. Wait there are more stories to come soon…I’ll try my best to describe our journey as structured and with smooth continuity. Please bare with me ok. From now i may flash back to stories happening on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then i will continue back to Thursday.

Journal to be continued…

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7 Responses

  1. titan says:

    ko makin berisi ke..mata aku bermasalah malam ni? haha..

  2. cyza says:

    Haha…nampak berisi atau because pakai jaket tebal… Aku rasa aku ni tak berisi sgt cuba perut tu boroi!!! tu yang kena di reducekan tu.

  3. noriz says:

    orang kata, lelaki boroi tanda suami yg bahagia…hehehe…. ok lah tu…

    so u ke shanghai same date masa i ke spore ek…

    time tu mmg china tgah sejuk!

    kat beijing siap tertutup salji tembok besar dia…

    untunglah dpt ke oversea berdua sbb tak risau ank2 dah besar….

  4. farahaznil says:

    wah wah wah…bestnya..haha…lagi best siap bwk ipad lagi u…har har har

  5. cyza says:

    Takpe Farah…belajar rajin-rajin…lama-lama boleh juga kerja luar negara sambil makan angin.

  6. cyza says:

    Boroi memang selalu di associate kan dengan bahagia…hehe

    Yes, that time Shanghai was extremely cold.

    walaupun anak dah besar, tapi hakikatnya kecik lagi..risau juga nak tinggal sebab depa ada juga sakit semput etc. Tapi alhamdulillah masa tu mereka sihat. Thanks to my parents yang tolong take care mereka.

  1. February 19, 2012

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