Our Weekend at Pulai Desaru Beach Resort

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Once again we are away from the comfort of our home. This weekend (starting on Friday afternoon), we are off to Pulai Desaru Beach Resort, Johor. Before I proceed further, let me inform that this is not another vacation. This is another tour of duty (job trip) of my wife. She has some kind of work related to her research alliance. Never mind with that. Luckily all participants or may I refer to as researcher was given a room. That’s so cool. She can bring all of us (the family).

We’ve never been to Pulai Desaru Beach Resort before. So, personally, I was anxious to see how good is this hotel. Let’s check it out…

General First Impression

My first impression… This hotel looks cool. It has a very huge hotel lobby. The roof is high and thus provide great ventilation. Wind from the sea is enough to provide the cool breeze at the hotel surrounding. There seems to be plenty of room available. Our room is in the second floor. We need to walk, perhaps 2-3 minutes to reach our room from the hotel reception counter.

PulaiDesaruResortJohorThis is the hotel – Pulai Desaru Resort, Johor. I missed to take the photo of the front gate where the hotel logo is clearly visible.

PulaiDesaruResortJohor roomsThis is our room. The room is quite spacious with no carpets. Instead the floor is decorated with a 2′ x 2′ light brown tile. It’s very cold when we step onto it. Maybe the reason for that is because the hotel is at the beach! We have 2 double beds here, not that big for the 5 of us, but hey, we can squeeze in. Not bad. We requested for additional pillow since there are only 4 pillows. We need the extra one because there are 5 of us.

PulaiDesaruResortroompicturejohorThis is a different view of the room. There is a desk for work and also some comfortable looking double sofa to relax. The sliding doors are quite huge and provide more than sufficient sun light into the room. I consider the room spacious enough for all of us and it is larger than a typical average hotel room. This room is by far larger than the hotel room that we stayed in Shanghai (we’ll be covering that soon).

PulaiDesaruResortJohorroomview4Another angle of the hotel room. I think this picture completes all the angle needed for you to imagine how this hotel room looks like. The TV is a 25″ Samsung bulb tube flat screen TV. Works fine but the remote control cover is missing!!!

PulaiDesaruResortJohorbathtubThis is the favourite place of my kids – the bath tub. Pretty simple. However, to our surprize, only 2 towels are provided. No hand towel, no medium size towel, not other towels. Only 2 bath towels!!! What the hack! So, we called the receptionist and ask. We assumed the room service guys may have forgotten to place those extra white towels. But, in actual fact after I asked the boy that delivered our towels, one room with two beds are only entitled 2 big bath towels, 1 hand towel and one medium size towel for the floor. That’s it!!! OMG, that is too stingy, I think. Common guys, give your guess more towels. That won’t make you bankrupt.

PulaiDesaruResortJohorbalconyviewThis is the view at our balcony. No see view, no pool view. We got the football field view…haha…No prob. It is ok. Those lucky one will get the sea or pool views which are nicer paranomically. But as you can see, the plastic table and chairs look to old that it need to be replaced.

PulaiDesaruResortJohorsurroundingsThis is the view of the landscape of the hotel. It is well maintained, clean and peaceful. I have no complains on this one.

PulaiDesaruResortJohor8A simple playground is available for kids excitement. However, my kids are not interested at all because they already set their destiny… which is to the swimming fool pool.

PulaiDesaruResortJohor9The swimming pool of this hotel is fantastic. I like! Thumbs up!!! Superb. It’s huge and creatively designed. There are shallow section for the smaller kids and deeper ones for the big boys. There is also one short slide which is sufficient to make us and the kids happy!!! This hotel knows how to please it’s guess when it comes to getting wet!


Another angle of the swimming pool. This section looks like the beach but it is actually covered with tiny pebbles. No sand what so ever so it maintains clean. However, I can smell some chlorine. Yeah… you cannot escape from that. The swimming pool needs it.

PulaiDesaruResortJohor10Some entertainment such as the pool tables are made available for those who want to test their sharp shooting skills. Some carom tables are also available. A ping pong table is also prepared for the guess as well as some arcade game which you need to insert some coins. Not sure which coins – old Malaysia coins or new Malaysia coins…haha…

PulaiDesaruResortJohor12The beach. Looks quite nasty with fierce wave stamping its edge. This beach may not be suitable for my kids to play. Oh, I would like to bring them to a crystal clear sea water and a white sandy beach… but not now. Soon… Maybe Tahiti, Hawaai… Any suggestions?

PulaiDesaruResortJohor13The view of Pulai Desaru Beach Resort from the beach. This was taken at about 6pm. The sun was ready to set…

PulaiDesaruResortJohor14Another good indirect view of the ocean from the swimming pool area. The hammock that you can see on the far right corner of the above photo is very comfortable and peaceful for relaxing. I need that in our new house. It will be a good way to seek for serenity. But I will need to find out where to buy that hammock? Any idea?

The Most Important Facility – Internet / Wifi

Regarding the internet, it is a pity that this hotel charged RM5 per hour for the internet. There is no free internet or wifi even in the hotel lobby area. That is very disappointing.

I was very close to securing my daily celcom broadband to get access to the internet. “Fortunately”, it failed. I don’t know why it failed but that’s good because soon after that my wife get an internet pin from her workshop. However, she have to share the same pin with another 8 person. That’s fine, at least we can use the internet for a while using that pin.

To my surprize the internet speed is quite poor and not constantly stable. Luckily I did not purchase the RM5 per hour internet facility. Yes, I did not intend to buy the internet service but it will be a frustrating experience to those who purchase it.

Early Remarks

In overall the Resort environment was clean. I did not interacted directly with the staffs so I cannot assess that part. AS this post is written I have no idea yet what the room rate was. I’ll make Part 2, a follow up for this to conclude my overall experience here. Hence, the Cyza Sector Hotel Rating will come later.

Nevertheless, if you are interested to check out further on this resort, which is a family member of Pulai Spring Resort, near my house, you can google it yourself or go straight to:

The Pulai Desaru Beach Resort
PO Box 29, Bandar Penawar, 81900 Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia.
Tel: +60-7-822-2222 • Fax: +60-7-822-2223
Email: reservation@thepulai.com.my

Read Pulai Desaru Beach Resort Part 2.

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16 Responses

  1. titan says:

    berjalan aje ye kerja ko. haha

  2. cyza says:

    Titan…what do do? This is what people call “rezeki” beb…

  3. farahaznil says:

    tah..jeles aku..haha…ada2 je tmpt weekend dia..ho ho

  4. cyza says:

    Farah, please don’t be jealous. You’ll have your chance as well soon ok…Stay put and work hard.

  5. cik tom says:

    interesting place to visit n nice resort to stay…

  6. cyza says:

    Thanks Cik Tom… Stay tune for part 2 of the story…hehe.

  7. titan says:

    haha..betul tu. aku ni malas berjalan aje..

  8. cyza says:

    Haha… Maybe when you get married and have kids, you’ll start to travel here and there, local and international tourist spots. Ameen.

  9. cyza says:


  10. Someday wanna reach places like this.

  11. I see that the resort looks like the one here in the Philippines , do you know Boracay guys?

  12. cyza says:

    No I don’t. Maybe one day I will bring my family there and hopefully you can be our tourist guide.

  13. That’s a complement sir, I’ll gladly be your tourist guide 🙂 Boracay is the most visited beach here by foreigners and by artists

  14. Do you still need suggestion for wordpress free themes (I’ve read your post about it long ago) , it’s easy downloadable and free sir, just a suggestion 🙂

  15. cyza says:

    Yeah…why not? If you have a good one, you can send the link via my contact form. TQ

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