Pulai Desaru Beach Resort Treat – Part 2

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Finally the 3 days 2 nights stay at Pulai Desaru Beach Resort ended. Was it a spectacular weekend? Hmm…It is a good way to spend a weekend but it was notĀ  a great one. We have not stayed there before so we appreciate the experiences. Luckily, it was a trip that was part of my wife’s work, that we don’t need to spend a flux of cash. Sometimes, these people need to get away out of the routine to entice new ideas to emerge and creative thinking to pop up. When everybody is relax and their family is happy, the motivation and drive to work smoothly flow. In short productivity and efficiency increases.

How true is this? I don’t know! Maybe it is true up to certain extend because everybody is placed in one place outside of their normal routine. Sometimes, I think it is a waste of money to do such activities. But when I think positively, there is some truth that the employee needs something different, something to excite and rejuvenate them.


Me and my love ones partially under water


The kids really enjoyed this swimming pool. Alya, the youngest is jumping into the pool while the others are searching for gold fish.

OK, enough about my musing. To make my story easy, let me share my experiences in a more straight forward manner.

Good Stuffs about Pulai Desaru Beach Resort:

  • Great mattress. So far the best mattress that I have ever felt compared to other hotels that I have stayed.
  • Spacious. The hotel room is large compared to other standard rooms.
  • A separate bath tub and shower. That is a plus point for me. I prefer shower and the kids will dive into the bath tub.
  • Swimming pool is one of the best pools I have visited compared to other hotels. They are large and provide generous space for adults and kids to swim or play.
  • Free carom game set, ping-pong and other games. However, we need to pay for other games like pool and arcade.
  • All the TV channels are clear. That’s good even if it is an old TV. I also managed to watched my favourite team being trashed away from the FA cup in the ESPN channel.

Not So Good Stuffs about Pulai Desaru Beach Resort:

  • The floor is covered with tiles. It is very cold to sit on it. There are chairs and beds, but sometimes we like to sit on the floor.
  • Food is not that good. Some of my colleagues (attending the workshop in the hotel) said that the chef life in this hotel is easy and not challenging. They are not a great job in presenting and serving fantastic meals. Something need to be done to improve the food quality.
  • Stingy. This is related to the towels. For a standard room, the hotel only provided 2 bath towel, a hand towel and a medium size towel. That’s all. When I asked the room service boy that sent us the additional hand towel and medium size towel (that were not in the room at the first place), they said, that is the normal practice. This is the first hotel that sadly limits its towel to the hotel guess. Why? Why?
  • Stingy II. Paid internet service. This is one thing that I hate from a hotel. I expect a hotel to give at least a free wifi service in the lobby if not the entire room. The last 3 hotels that I visited in the last 2 months provided free internet/free wifi – minimum in the lobby. I don’t care if we need a password as long as they provide the password free of charge to the guess. To make things even worse, the internet that I used is not stable.
  • Interruption from hotel staffs. This is really weird. This is the first time I experienced staffs requested to enter my hotel room to do some stuffs. The first one was a technician who wanted to replace the 4″ florescence bulb at the bath tub area. The second one was somebody who wanted to take the serial number of the old TV in our hotel room. Both happened in the same day. Even though I allowed them to enter the hotel room, I strongly believe it is not appropriate at all for these people to request to enter our hotel room unless we requested them to do something like repairing stuffs or making up the room. They should to it when the room is empty!!!

Well, those are just few plus and minus points about Pulai Desaru Beach Resort. Will I come back here? Not if I have to pay myself. This is mainly because I live in Johor Bahru area and the hotel is Desaru which is just 56 minutes away from my house. There’s no solid reason for me to spend a night or two in this hotel.

However, if you are from outside Johor, this hotel can be a good option for you. It has the swimming pool and beach. There are also nearby local restaurants and food stalls within 5 km radius for you to dine should you choose not to dine inside the hotel restaurant.

Finally it comes to Cyza Sector Hotel Rating. Based on my overall 3 days 2 nights experience, I give this hotel 3.0 Stars. I’m not a professional reviewer. I just provide my honest view based on my experiences.

Read Pulai Desaru Beach Resort – Part 1.

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11 Responses

  1. hatiputera says:

    best betul bila terpandang swimming pool nie,,,macam kat desaru golden resort jer,,,

  2. cyza says:

    Haha…lebih kurang je kot…Dulu dah pergi gak ke Desaru Golden resort tapi time tu tak amik gambar pulaks…hehe

  3. Yas says:

    cam best jer tempat ni…ngadap laut ke cyza?? bape rm semalaman nih??

  4. farahaznil says:

    fuh………pandai depa swimming……..jeles aihhh

  5. titan says:

    aku tak reti berenang dulu. tapi sejak peristiwa aku nyaris lemas dulu..terus automatik dapat pakej boleh berenang dan menyelam. haha..

  6. adamfaiz says:

    Paid internet… what a lousy way to rob your customer! I had the same experience when I stayed in JB.. exorbitant charges!!

  7. cyza says:

    Our hotel room does not face the sea nor the swimming pool lah. It faces a football field!!!
    Anyway, that’s fine. Our room was about RM300 per night.

  8. cyza says:

    Cik Farah oii…depa pakai pelampong!!!

  9. cyza says:

    Yes bro…I agree 100 times with you! Hotel won’t lost that much if they provide free internet to its guess. If they fear, they can always apply certain passwords or daily passwords. It is possible. It’s just them…stupid policy!

  10. cyza says:

    Lelaki kacak nyaris lemas!!! Kena buat entri baru tu.

  11. noriz says:

    i dah pegi dulu masa family day rmc 2006, time tu baru je Pulai springs amik alih…

    kolam dan bilik mmg best kan…. besar!

    tpi makanan kami time tu buffet + bbq dinner…not bad gak sedap…

    tpi bab byr tenet tu mmg hampeh la kan sbb caj bilik dia bukan murah pun…

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