Shanghai Trip Part 2

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This entry is actual my journal record continuation from the previous post. I did not finish writing the journal because I was too tired (that time in Shanghai). I will gradually post and add my write up. However, for this entry, the following is again, i stress, the actual  journal record typed in our ipad.


19/12/2011 (Monday)

We woke up that morning still relatively exhausted because we just had a short sleep earlier. Thinking that it might be difficult to communicate to get the shuttle via the telephone (in room), we walked from our room to the lobby. It’s quite far and it’s really cold. While walking we snapped some photos with beautiful scenary of the Qingpu river. Slightly more thahalfway walk to the lobby, a shuttle bus stops next to us dropping half dozen of people. Then we ride the bus and went to the hotel lobby to have breakfast.


Posing at one of the exit/entrance of the subway. I forgot the name of this place. haha.


This is easy. It is Jiujiang Road as stated.


Surprisingly, I stumbled across Tom Cruise. He was alone on vacation. At least a speaks English and we were glad.


After a while, I came across Brat Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They were in one of the malls promoting some kind of movies… I’m not sure and I don’t care the details. After queuing up so long, we finally managed take pictures with this lovely celebrity couple.


Posing with Rocky a.k.a Sylvester Stallone. Mr. Stallone is so relax and cool guy although he was a little bit exhausted after the match with some boxer in Shanghai.


I never expected this day to be that amazing. After accidentally stumbling with world greatest celebrities, I met one of the world top leader. Yes, it was President Obama. He has just finished delivering his short message to the press regarding the Green House Protocol and his response towards EU charging aeroplanes flying in Europe as compensation from releasing emission air. But, I believe now you already realize why I managed to met all of this big shot!!! 🙂


After a while it was time to pray. We combined our prayers, Zuhur and Asar.’ We found a mosque and took prayed there. However, the water for wudhu’ is very cold. No heater is available during the winter.


For dinner, we managed to find a muslim restaurant (after 30 minutes of walking and searching). My wife ordered this hot meal. It taste good and our tongue can adjust to this cuisine. 


This was what I ordered. This is the closest food to our traditional fried rice. Taste ok. It was served with some meat. This was the cheapest and logical meal to me available in the Shanghai Muslim Restaurant.


We drank hot tea (free) and a can of Coke. The food in this Muslim restaurant is reasonable. That’s why the following day we came again to this same restaurant for dinner.


At the end of the day, we took the subway to get back to the nearest metro station to our hotel. It is Dongjing Station.


Back at the hotel after a long exhausting day. Calling our kids using Skype at the hotel lobby.

At the hotel lobby, we met Mr. Steven Lee. Wearing nice all black suit, we think he is an assistant manager who can converse well in English. We were extremely glad to meet him. He helped us translate and pronouce several chinese words which we believe will be crucially imperative for us when we travel in Shanghai city later. Some examples of the words and phrases are: yes, no, correct, not correct, straight, left, right, how much, where is…. Etc.

Then we went to have our breakfast at a Members Restaurant in the lobby hotel. Wow…it was very challenging to explain to the restaurant staff what we would like to have for breakfast. Luckily Mr. Steven assisted us and explained to the restaurant staff our requirements. We basically asked for food without pork, lard, chicken and meat. After a short wait, we were served with a combination of egg, onion ring, bread, rice poridge and coffee. The breakfast was good and we were full and happy after that.

After breakfast we were fetched by Mr. Soh, the driver who has waited for us in the lobby. We have asked him to send us to the nearest Metro Station – Dongjian station which is about 30-40 km from Sun Island Resort. The fair charged by Mr. Soh is 80 yuan. Initially he charged 100 yuan. But we managed to bargain with him down to 80 yuan. We thought that was expensive. However, after talking to other people these few days, we finally discovered that Mr. Soh’s charge is cheap. A group of Indian professors who came to Sun Island Resort from Dongjia Station was charged 300 yuan by the taxi (the taxi meter however showed 180 yuan). In other word, the Indian professors were charged so high!!!

At Dongjian Metro Station, we purchased the Metro train one day passed. Each one day pass cost 18 yuan only. I think that is quite reasonable. We switched train at an interchange (I forgot which one), and finally arrived to our first stop which is the People Square. Why this stop? Because my wife already studied the places that we shall visit. The first one in the list is Shanghai Maddame Tousou. Searching the building with Maddame Tousou inside it was challenging as well. We have to asked many people for directions. Communicating with people here is so tough because almost nobody speaks English. We have to try and speak chinese with them using the words and phrases that we obtained from Steven. My wife did all the talking because she pronounce chinese better than me.

To make long story short, we finally arrived at Maddame Toussou which is at the 8th floor of the building. It…


That’s the end of the live journal recording. After this, the next post will be more based on photo and little description. I hope that is sufficient to show our well being in Shanghai.

Read the Part 3 of Shanghai Trip.

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12 Responses

  1. titan says:

    ni dah jadi lain dah ni. ko gi melancong ke wat kerja kat sana haa??

  2. Rizal says:

    fuhh…jumpe akak jolie…. hehehe

  3. cyza says:

    Pegi sana actually temankan wife tg pi conference. Tp pegi sehari awal pasal flight hari yg awal murah sket. Dah dtg awal tu takkan nak terperuk dlm hotel…. Nanti aku masukkan gambar masa conference la bro…

  4. cyza says:

    Hehe jgn jeles.

  5. farahaznil says:

    huh….best wooo…ckp kat wife..nak pinjam coat..cantik..haha,…..jap..btl ke tom cruise tu?huh

  6. farahaznil says:

    hot doww…..hahaha..wife tak mareee ke pegang akak jolie..ngeh3x

  7. cyza says:

    Camna nak marah, dia yang tolong amik kan gambar…hehe!

  8. cyza says:

    Wah…coat dia tu memang cantik dan tahan lama serta mahal. Dia beli coat tu kat UK dulu masa anak dara…time belajar kat sana….hehe…sampai sekarang still menawan. Tak nak tanya ke jaket aku tu…jaket kulit. beli kat UK juga time belajar dulu.

  9. KNizam says:

    wow! best travelogue shanghai ni hehe 🙂

  10. cyza says:

    Boleh la bro..apa lah sangat kalau compare dengan Travelogue Paksitan….ops ..Pakistan.

  11. farahaznil says:

    hahaha..dia lagi best…tiap2 thn ada trip sana sini…main salji toksah ckp lah..hahaha…jeles kot tgk gambaq2 dia..haha

  12. cyza says:

    Tu la pasal…KNizam lebih outdoor and international.

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