Top Commentators Contest January 2012

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Just a friendly reminder and also an update to the first Top Commentator Contest of the year. Presently the leader is Farahaznil. Wow…I’m not surprised. She’s one of the fierce tigress from UIA in this competition. Her never give up attitude inspires me a lot. Keep up the good momentum Farahaznil. The current first runner up is Noriz, a new comer. She has just started her personal musing blog last year and has been a serious contender in the contest. I know she won’t let Farahaznil comfortable on the top spot. The third place falls to the titanic Titan. He’s one of the most experience blogger and online money tester and maker in the country. Graduated his first degree from Sabah, his intelligent, skill and experience will be a a great threat to Farahaznil and Noriz.

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9 Responses

  1. titan says:

    aku malas nak lawan farah tu. nanti dia nangis. haha..

  2. Rizal says:

    ada contest ghupenyer…

  3. farahaznil says:

    hi hi…ni baru leh kata jejaka kacak titan !! hehe…manyak gentleee aaa..hehh..

  4. farahaznil says:

    ada2..hehe..selam sambil minum air..

  5. Warlord says:

    Weh, sejak bila ada competition ni?? Tak aci…ko tak letak iklan dalam suratkhabar pasal ni pun?

  6. cyza says:

    Ala rilek la bro…baru je buat awal tahun ni…Next month pun ada cuma ganjaran dia lebih best la…

  7. cyza says:

    Titan saja tak nak kasih ko nangis…

  8. cyza says:

    I think like I already know the winner…hehe

  9. Ahmad Hati says:

    Hebat Titan ni!! Salute dia

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