The Conference in Shanghai, China

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This entry is the continuation of Shanghai Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 that I have made earlier. In this entry, I’m going to briefly share our experience attending the conference. I’m sorry if this entry sounds slightly technical. The term Chemical Engineering will be highlighted several times. It might bore some of you! Hope you can bear with me…


Last December (2011), my wife participated in the 1st Scientific Publishing Research Workshop in Shanghai China from 20-22 December 2011 to present her technical paper about Progressive Freeze Concentration (PFC). The research is directly related to her own Ph.D and her present core research. I accompanied her to Shanghai and at the conference I joined as a participant. It was the first time we attended an international conference together.

Short Note: The Progressive Freeze Concentration (PFC) research project has recently won Silver Medal in the 13th INDUSTRIAL ART AND TECHNOLOGY EXHIBITION ) INATEX 2011 which was held on 16-17th Nov 2011 and Gold Medal in Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE 2012) which took place from 16-19th February 2012. Yep, that was announced yesterday! Congratulations from me to my wife. You go girl!!!

The workshop is not specifically tailored to chemical engineering only. It combines chemistry, biochemistry, maths and several other disciplines. I can say it is a highly multi-disciplinary workshop. The participants came from all over the world including United States, German, Japan, India, China, Greece, Korea, Malaysia and others.

Some of you might have not heard about Scientific Research Publisher (SciRP) while some probably have heard about it. SciRP is an academic publisher of open access journals. It also publishes academic books and conference proceedings. SCIRP currently has more than 150 open access journals in the areas of science, technology, and medicine.

The President of Scientific Research Publisher (SciRP) giving his speech
That’s me behind, sitting next to my wife. The two gentlements on the right are professors from India. The woman in front is a researcher from Greece.
Some of the participants of the 1st Scientific Research Publishing workshop.

SciRP actually provides an alternative means of scientific research publication. The difference is only it is practices an open access system where anybody can read the journal free of charge. The other traditional journal from publishers like Elsevier require us to pay before we can read them. However, as students, most of us can have access to it because our university library have purchase the subscription from the publisher. Hence, we are open to write and submit to SciRP. The process is almost the same. The draft paper will be evaluated by editors and undergo strict requirement to ensure top notch quality of the article.

As for us Chemical Engineers, the most related journal is Advances of Chemical Engineering & Science. The journal is relatively new but is good enough for us to submit articles to them. Once thing to know about open access journal like this is that some fee will be charge to the publisher.

Overall, it was a very interesting experiences attending the 1st Scientific Research Publishing Workshop. I was really honoured to meet the founder and president of SciRP as well other professors, academicians and researchers from other parts of the globe. Besides expanding our knowledge we get the chance to meet new people and increase our networking (which is important in the real world).

My wife presenting her technical paper. However, before she proceed with the presentation, she explained briefly about Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and also Malaysia. This is actually a platform where we become the ambasador of Malaysia. We need to promote and publicize Malaysia, don’t you think so?
This is the panoramic scene outside the workshop room. The hotel where the workshop took place is situated in a resort style hotel. The view is actually part of a golf course. The temperature in Shanghai at this time is between 0-6 Celcius.
This is another view of the peaceful scenery outside the workshop room.
Lunch break. We were served with 10 course local Chinese dish. Frankly, the food is very different than what we usually have. Nevertheless we tried to eat some of the uniquely served dishes.
That’s me in front of the hotel lobby where the workshop takes place. Check out the red banner on the top of the hotel lobby building. This is proof that this is the first SciRP workshop.
Me and my wife walking around the resort compound where the conference took place. The background is actually a historical light house that was used by the ships few decades ago.
This is the view of our hotel room. Ours were on the first floor. We commute to the hotel lobby and conference using a shuttle bus. We need to dial number 3 and they will come and fetch us.

 I’ll be sharing a little bit more of our Shanghai Adventure soon. I would also like to inform that I’ll be doing my research attachment and also possibly attend an international conference in a foreign country soon. It’s nice to be traveling abroad once in a while.

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  1. farahaznil says:

    macam 1 malaysia dah…hahahahaha..semua ada

  2. cyza says:

    1dunia la…farah…

  3. titan says:

    haha..rajin betul ko berjalan-jalan ye..

  4. cyza says:

    Jeles ke?

  5. noriz says:

    selagi ada duit research so gunakan lah sebaik-baiknya…bila lagi kan…

    pasni u akan ada ur own vot, jadi KP…lagiiiii panjang langkah punya… best!

    btw, congrats utk Dr. MJ yea 🙂

  6. cyza says:

    Yea…you are right. It will be used sebaiknya.
    Thanks for the wish.

  7. Shukor says:

    Apa2 pun UTM sanjungan bangsa…hehehe 😀

  8. titan says:

    tak. tak. tumpang gembira aje..hehe

  9. cyza says:


  10. samdaddycool says:

    aku pun nak tumpang…. tumpang seronok.

  11. cyza says:


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