5 Smart Outsourcing Tips To Save Your Time

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If you belong to the category that love to make money online (part time) while keeping a full time job, you may want to consider outsourcing some of your online jobs. The reason I’m saying this is because, the biggest investment in making money online is our own precious time. Time is GOLD. Time is so valuable. Unfortunately, we don’t have all the time in the world to do everything. Hence, we need to optimize our time and potential by outsourcing our work. For your information, I also outsource several of my make money online job. I have such a limited time as a full time student, father and husband. That’s why by hook or by crook, I need to move on my online business to the next level by mastering the skill of outsourcing.

There are so many ways for you to outsource, but there are times when some people can tend to make mistakes when they find a great outsourcing provider. Below, I’ll be outlining the Top 5 outsourcing tips that every marketer and blogger needs to know.

1. Take your timeoutsourcing-internetjob

When you take your time at finding somebody to provide services for you, it allows for you to think through and find somebody who can really provide for you the best service. Other people rush through the process, ending up in disaster because they didn’t offer any real services. So, cautious and take your time to choose the correct outsourcer.

2. Don’t be afraid to pay high

These outsource professionals work hard at offering you good service, so treat them well by giving them some good pay. Never undermine them by offering them bad pay. When you do that, you may lose him or her. However, I know some of you may have the financial issue of paying this freelance worker(s). In this case, you just need to start making money yourself first (like I did), then when you have the cash, you can cleverly re-invest them to grow your business by hiring freelance worker(s).

3. Use freelance website

Learning how to outsource your work is not difficult at all. Most people believe that it takes lots of time to find a good outsourcer. It’s really not that hard to find somebody online who can provide articles, web copy, submission, site building, graphic design, and all sorts of different services. To find a reliable outsourcer, here’s just a few ways to find somebody worth hiring.


On Fiverr, you’ll find many people offering all sorts of services for only $5. Some people offer graphic design services, articles, Facebook fans, and almost anything that you can think of for only $5. You may be shocked at how many services you’ll find on this website. I am currently using services provided in this site. It comes in really handy and you choose service provider that have good ratings.


No matter what you’re looking for, you can find a great outsourcer through Craigslist. On these classified ads, you can write about what you’re looking for and what your requirements are, allowing you to find clients that are going to actually help you accomplish what you want. The cheapest Craiglist freelance I found was from Philipines. You can browse the site and simply choose which service provider you want to outsource. You can asked and discuss with them first before engaging with them.


On Guru.com, you can post a job just like you would on CraigList, but this site allows only outsourcing work to be offered, and the nice part is that they put the money in escrow when you find a service provider. Guru.com is very much respected in the outsourcing industry, and I guarantee that you you’ll find a great outsourcer from this site.

Digital Point Forum

This is my favourite place for outsourcing professionals to do some of my online stuffs. It is basically a forum and an online portal where many webmasters, bloggers, internet marketers and internet enthusiast hang around to learn, communicate, discuss and do stuffs. You should check this out and you may find many talented and cheap workers here.

I have just given 4 examples of where you can outsource your jobs. Explore them first. There are many more actually but it will be confusing if I flood you with a flux of freelance / outsourcing links.

Now that you find a great person who can outsource your stuff online, it’s now time to give them what you’re in need of. They usually won’t ask for any big fees, and you can be sure to find somebody who will be willing to work for less and still of.

4. Find a person who offers a variety of work

If you want to save money but you need work on many projects, try paying somebody monthly to do all sorts of tasks for you. This will save you lots of money in the long run. I have done this before and it’s really good. I actually hired a part time virtual worker and provided him a list of work to do from making videos, submitting articles to article directories, writing unique articles, comment marketing and others. Now that he has just quite, I need to find another virtual worker to help me out with my online business.

5. Define what you want

To avoid making the worker do the same things over and over again trying to make it all perfect, you need to let them know exactly what you want the first time. This will help remove all of the difficulties involved with having to resend their work. Make sure that you outline perfectly what you’re looking for in their services, and try to always give them what they deserve. This is actually part of the training process if you are engage with the outsourcer on a long term basis.


These are some of the best tips that you will find. So, try doing them, and you’ll find somebody who will want to work for you even months down the road. Try to master outsourcing skills and how to manage them. You’ll find it useful and you can focus on more important activities like business development. Leave the simple things to the freelance or your virtual worker(s).

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  1. shukor says:

    Sometimes I used DP Forum for articles outsourcing job…

  2. titan says:

    dah lama aku tak lepak DP nih. hehe

  3. cyza says:

    Yeah…that’s another place to outsource our work.

  4. cyza says:

    Me too…

  5. farahaznil says:

    aku tidur pun tak cukup//huhuhu

  6. Jomtonton says:

    Time is ticking until final ticking
    What a precious time we have,
    so use it wisely..

  1. February 26, 2012

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