Cyza Sector Technical Analysis – January 2012 Edition

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I don’t want to hide my intention to make Cyza Sector not just a good blog, but a great one. The 2012 spirit has pushed and motivated me to rejuvenate this blog. This personal blog of mine has been around for quite some time but I was not consistent in nurturing and revitalizing it. Now is the time. Now is the moment. Can I improve Cyza Sector?

It is easy to be good but it ain’t easy to be great. I know all of you agree that there are many good personal and niche blogs out there. But is our blog a great one? Can our blog be the one that attract the largest crowd in planet Cybertron earth? I see many blogs out there with substantial daily traffic and they have great contents published consistently. How can they do it? If they can, I should be able to do it as well.

To realize my goal for Cyza Sector, I have planned a strategy. For the time being, let the strategy be a mystery. It will be shared somewhere in the future when the perfect time comes. However, I will share part of Cyza Sector monthly analysis. For every planned work and execution, there must be a post moterm and analysis. This is to ensure we are in line with our goal and destiny. This technical analysis will be my regular monthly blogpost (which is mainly for my record).

Cyza Sector Traffic Analysis

For now, I have used only Google Analytics to monitor the traffic information to Cyza Sector. I will start using Awstats data from the Cpanel next month when I have the entire months data. I know some of the bloggers around report their analytics performances to exhibit to others as well to keep it for their own record. I’m doing just the same. However, I am attempting to be a little bit more technical but not too extreme.

I re-installed the Analytics script code on 22nd January 2012.¬† Before this, I have it installed but somewhere along the line, it disappears when I switched wordpress themes. That’s why if you refer to all the figures below, you will see that before 22nd Jan 2012, there were no data recorded.

From Figure 1, we can see important information such as total Visits, Pageviews, Pages/Visit, Bounce Rate, Avg Time on Site and % of New Visits. This is a preliminary data as it is the first batch of information captured. Information like this should be compared with one or more set of similar data. Then only we can assess the performance of Cyza Sector. So, lets expect a more comprehensive analysis by early March.


Figure 1: General performance overview

The only piece of information that I can extract from Figure 2 (in comparison to Figure 1) is the quantity of Absolute Unique Visitors (AUV) which is 1,339. This number is quite low since the data capturing began on the 23rd of January. I’m expecting more AUV in February.


Figure 2: Visitors Overview

Figure 3 illustrates the Visitors Loyalty data which is interesting to be known. For this category, I’m more interested to see the level of loyalty within my readers. This data can indirectly inform us on the success of us keeping and attracting our readers. What I’m hoping here is to see more of the 2 times to 28-50 times percentage. Nevertheless, I’m not saying that I don’t appreciate the first timers to Cyza Sector. I equally like them to find my blog. Welcome aboard guys!


Figure 3: Visitors Loyalty


Figure 4: Browser statistics


Figure 5: Traffic Sources Overview


Figure 6: Direct Traffic Result


Figure 7: Refering Sites Result


Figure 8: Search Sent Result


Figure 9: Traffic Sources Result


Figure 10: Search Sent Result


Figure 11: Cyza Sector January 2012 Infolinks earning

Social Media Result and Analysis

The following Social Media results are based on 31st January 2012. Cyza Sector Facebook page and Twitter account was just created in mid January 2012. So, it is still at its infancy stage. I hope all the following figures can statistically be improved at the end of February 2012. At the same time, I would like to invite you to LIKE Cyza Sector Facebook page and also my Twitter. Follow me using both medium to ensure constant update whenever I make a post and also tweet.

1) PR : 2
2) Alexa : 1,038,567
3) Feedburner: 27
4) Facebook Like: 12
5) Twitter Followers: 1

Cyza Sector Income Analysis – January 2012

Since I have set a Cyza Sector target to reach $1000 per month by January 2013, I need to keep track of the income. performance generation. Let’s check out how did Cyza Sector perform last month:

1) Adsense January : $8.27
2) Infolinks: $4.44

Total Income – January 2012 = $ 12.71

Honestly, I did not check Cyza Sector’s adsense until I made this report. I think for a personal blog, such adsense should be decent enough considering the traffic it received last month. As for Infolinks income, I think it is reasonable. This blog definitely should earn something from TNX based on the previous records that I have. However, I forgot about the script codes when I changed the theme somewhere last year. I strongly believe, after I fixed this, I shall earn something from TNX. You should try this program as well. It is super cool! For TLA, I don’t expect to get anything from this now because the PR is still 2. Maybe soon when the PR raised to a minimum of 3. There are other income generating programs that I have in mind as well which I have not incorporated yet within Cyza Sector.

Cyza Sector Investment Analysis – January 2012

Let’s just say I invested countless hours (mainly to release my tension from my Ph.D studies). If I can estimate, I think I spent 30 minutes to 1.5 hours per day. That’s the biggest investment so far considering time is so precious to me. In the other hand, cash investment attributes to $31. The cash is basically to kick start the contest in January 2012.


Fundamentally, I can divide the conclusion into 2 segments: Traffic and Income. Traffic wise needs massive improvement. Cyza Sector is still far away from the targeted traffic. In average I can say that I’m receiving 160 unique visitors per day. I need to increase it to increase that 10 times more. Income wise, the January 2012 total income is still yet far away from the one I target. I seriously need to double my effort. I also must creatively apply other sources of generating income.

But as you know, I don’t have all the time in the world. Therefore, some strategies will be soon implemented to improve the overall performance of Cyza Sector. I appreciate any unique ideas from you.


I’ll be running contest each and every month. For that sole reason, I’m inviting potential individuals and companies to sponsor prizes/rewards. It certainly can be of any form. Please contact me to discuss or for further details.

f you like to follow my musing, get updated whenever I publish new entry. Just subscribe to me by email >here<.

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16 Responses

  1. farahaznil says:

    huh..kalau pg buat check up..mesti sedih punya….huhu

  2. cyza says:

    Just try and do it Farah…Maybe you can discover something useful from it.

  3. ROJAK says:

    wow your blog’s traffic are 10 times better than mine

  4. titan says:

    hehe..aku bab analisis ni..memang fail. haha..

  5. cyza says:

    Ala…rendah diri pulak…

  6. cyza says:

    Is it? My blog still has a long far way to go… Need to further improve it to be a superblog.

  7. farahaznil says:

    huhu..tak pandai la guna google analytic…dah try byk kali instal..huh..tak jadi..

  8. cyza says:

    If you have problem, I can guide and help you.

  9. farahaznil says:

    ok..good…serius…dah 4 plugin install..tpi tak dapat juga..dah follow yg buat tutorial..but still ada problem..huhu..hope cyza can make another tutorial post how to install google analytic

  10. titan says:

    betul. tak caya plak. haha..

  11. cyza says:

    Oh…if that’s the case, I’ll try to make it soon.

  12. cyza says:

    You are very much welcome…as long as you be a good girl…hehe

  13. samdaddycool says:

    Wow… very deep analysis. Tapi aku tgh cari kat mana keyword ‘video sex ‘ tu.. hik hik.

  14. cyza says:

    Haha…aku pun confuse!!!

  15. Ahmad Hati says:

    Nice. Traffic banyak

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