Do I Deserve Baucar Buku 1Malaysia (1Malaysia Book Voucher)?

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Somewhere end of last year, the government was generous enough to give away RM100 per student (primary and secondary school). The reason of the cash distribution is to ease the burden of parents having schooling children. The cash incentive is meant to purchase student needs such as uniforms, bags, books etc as long as it is for the student. We collected RM200 from the kid’s school. The money is no longer available. It vaporized somewhere… for our kids, off course.

Then, this year, I heard a brand new “information” buzzing into my ears. It was the “Baucar Buku 1Malaysia” (1Malaysia Book Voucher). This is a voucher that is generously given by the government to tertiary education students in Malaysia. So, if you are a student in a university, you should get RM200 worth of book voucher. Each voucher is valued at RM50 and you will get 4 pieces of them. As a student, you need to go to the academic office or related administration office at your faculty and collect the voucher.

I never really paid any attention to this voucher. I did heard in the radio news about opportunist + irresponsible people selling this voucher in the internet, but still I couldn’t care less. Last week, my wife brought up the subject and we wondered whether I am entitled to get this voucher. What do you think?


The 1Malaysia Book Voucher that I collected yesterday. Thanks...

I call a clerk in the office and checked it out. Wow!!! I am entitled to get the voucher. I know by this time many of you will question me… Haha… The reason is mainly because I am a student. I am still a student. I am a Ph.D student. Therefore, I am entitled for the nice looking valuable voucher. I’m going to redeem the voucher this weekend in MPH bookstore at Jusco Taman Universiti.

Is the goverment making the right decision in giving away this 1Malaysia Book Voucher?

This is quite subjective I believe to many people. For me, the intention and effort is good and honourable. As a loyal citizen and a recipient of the voucher, I appreciate it very much. However, I strongly believe the government should carefully select the recipient of the voucher or any sort of financial assistance to the citizen. There are many very unfortunate and poor dwellers in our country that desperately need help. These unlucky people should be prioritized to receive the financial aid. I am not at all condemning the effort. I’m just being honest and I want the poor people to be cared and remembered. Nevertheless, I’m still very thankful for the generosity for giving me the voucher. The voucher will surely be used to purchased books.

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20 Responses

  1. titan says:

    aku tak kesah student kecik ke student besar ke..kalau ambil je. haha..

  2. farahaznil says:

    hahah…aku tak ambil lagi..mggu depan baru ambil..tapi tak tahu nak beli apa..ho ho

  3. farahaznil says:

    hah…klu ko dapat..habis semua buku kat kedai banting ko gi beli nanti..haha

  4. cyza says:

    Haha… I like you stand bro.

  5. cyza says:


    That can only happen if Titan get Voucher worth of RM2million!!!

  6. cyza says:

    Check on local book shop like BADAN bookstore or MPH. Some stores make it strict to book only while others are flexible and allows you to purchase stationaries. I have not heard case where you can buy Samsung Galaxy SIII at a book store…haha

  7. adele says:

    salam..this is my first time dropping by here.. as long as we are called student, these vouchers should be entitled for all malaysian students rite? eheh..

    I have rm100 vouchers remain…don’t know what to buy 😀

  8. suri says:

    untung jadi pelajar sekarang sb kerajaan mmbantu dri segi pelajaran

  9. suri says:

    ah klu tak g amik mmg rugi loh hee..

  10. cyza says:

    Yeah…memang rugi…:)

  11. samdaddycool says:

    “I strongly believe the government should carefully select the recipient of the voucher or any sort of financial assistance to the citizen. There are many very unfortunate and poor dwellers in our country that desperately need help. ”

    I strongly agree with your opinion. Otherwise, the vouchers will end up for auction on ebay..

  12. samdaddycool says:

    Farah> bagus tu, beli stationary utk AED kiosk..

  13. samdaddycool says:

    masa dulu jadi student tak sempat merasa macam ni kan?

  14. farahaznil says:

    haha..memang rugi… McD,Pizza…agak2 terima tak baucar ni??hahaha

  15. farahaznil says:

    beli stationary??ni lg satu..beli 3 barang…dah habis…ha ha ha….

  16. farahaznil says:

    opss…apa kata sambung plak master or phd..haha…..mst dapat punya..sanggup tak sam?

  17. farahaznil says:

    ho ho….biarlah depa bagi…5 thn sekali bro..hok kebajikan..depa ada dana lain..hahahahahaha…..

    sekali lagi “5 thn sekali jer bro” !!hehe

  18. samdaddycool says:

    Farah.. buat masa ni, aku kata.. mim alif lam sin

  19. samdaddycool says:

    Farah, buukan masalah bagi. Bagi kepada yang lebih memerlukan…

  20. nurfarahin says:

    kat mana kat area kl ni yg jual buku medical and boleh gune voucher??

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