Cyza Sector March 2012 Contest Update & Top Commentator Contest

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Since it is already mid March, I think I should make a short review or comment about the March 2012 Cyza Sector Top Commentators Contest. So far the contest is very encouraging and I saw some new bloggers emerge in pursuit to conquer the top 3 places.  Last month, the contest was won by Samdaddy (Feb) and Farahaznil, who won in January only managed to grab the second place. I think Farahaznil was quite surprise by the sudden counter-attack by Samdaddy.

This month (March), Samdaddy is currently at 4th place. I’m not sure if he is serious in maintaining his crown as the top commentator for March. However, Jomtonton, a new comer, has shown that he is a real challenger. I can see that he is trying to beat Farahaznil to be the champion for this month. I think that is not impossible. If Jomtonton has the desire, focus and right attitude, he can win this month’s Top Commentator Contest. Oh…OK, I don’t want to be biased anymore. Just be yourself, comment wisely and healthily.

But, please remember the requirement of this March 2012 contest. If you don’t follow the the rules, chances are you maybe wasting your time. For reference, check the rules below:

(1) It is important to note that I don’t allow any NAME that use targeted keyword. For example, let’s refer to January’s list of top commentators. There are the likes of Bukit Gambang, Bingo Machine, Boats for sale, Jawatan kosong and web host asp. If such username that looks like keyword is used, I will either delete the comment or change the name to any other name that I want or change the url to any url that I want. Alternatively, you can still use a better username that resembles your identity, real name or nick name and place any link you want in the URL box.

(2) Since this is a monthly comment contest, comments made in March only will be counted and accepted. The contest will be officially closed at 12.00 am (midnight) 1 April 2012. After that, I will reset the Top Commentator list. Again, as the owner of Cyza Sector, I have the right to delete comments that I feel not appropriate or spam type.

(3) Now…this rule is the additional rule that I just created. In order to get the prize, you need to fulfill this rule. Otherwise, your efforts of commenting in Cyza Sector would be meaningless and a waste of time which means you may just get the back link from Cyza Sector and not the cash (if you are in the top 3). What you need to do is to blog about this contest. You need to make a really creative and unique post (which is good for your blog’s SEO) and link it to this blog entry. Minimum amount of words are 150. Yeah…I’m not asking too much… Just write few beautiful sentences, insert the link back, published the article and you are already entitled to get the cash prize if you are the top 3.  If for example the 2nd top commenter did not make the requested blogpost, the next person who qualifies will get the prize and so on.


The prize for the top commentator will be increased courtesy of SamdaddyCool. He will add up another $5 to the top commentator winner of this month. Check out the new prize for the Top commentator #1. It’s now increase to $17.

Top commentator #1 – $12+$5 = $17  (Equivalent to RM51) + 3 mystery Make Money Ebooks/Reports

Top commentator #2 – $10 (Equivalent to RM30) + 2 mystery Make Money Ebooks/Reports

Top commentator #3 – $8 (Equivalent to RM24) + 1 mystery Make Money Ebook/Report


New Contest – 2012 Contest #1. (from

It is my pleasure to announce that JBCool is launching its first contest ever. There are a number of t-shirts to be given away. It’s black in color and it’s cool. Click contest link here.

Contest Rules

It’s very simple to participate. All you need to do is comment, comment and comment on blog post, and the winners will be chosen based on the number of comments made. To win, you must be the one that comments the most. The top commentator will win the first prize which is RM50 + JBCool’s t-shirt + a mystery ebook. The person with the second highest comments will win the second prize and so on. Since we have a limited number of t-shirts in different sizes, the top commentator also has the privilege to choose the size.

The Prizes

Top commentator #1 – RM50 in cash + JBCool’s t-shirt + a mystery Make Money Online ebook.
Top commentator #2 – JBCool’s t-shirt
Top commentator #3 – JBCool’s t-shirt
Top commentator #4 – JBCool’s t-shirt
Top commentator #5 – JBCool’s t-shirt

To participate, this is what you need to do

1. Login to Facebook and ‘Like’ fanpage – LINK.
2. Login to Facebook and ‘Like’ any three of blog posts.
3. Start commenting.

Contest duration

1. The contest starts today.
2. Comments will be counted from today until the next 30 + days. You can view the current count of the top commentators at sidebar.
3. To make sure that everyone has the chance to win, team will not inform when will the last day be. It can be after 31 days, or maybe after 35 days. And the cut off is not necessary at midnight.
4. Once team cut off the comments, they will publish the list of winners and contact winners by email to claim the prizes.

Other requirements

1. Only Malaysian are eligible to join the contest, even if you are not from Johor :) Take note that if your postal address is outside Malaysia, you have to pay for the additional postal charges for us to send the t-shirt.
2. Please be polite when commenting and no personal attacks.
3. If you have to criticize, please be constructive.
4. Please use your own name or nickname when commenting, not keywords.
5. Please make sure that your comment is a comment. At least two sentences with > 15 words. Comments such as “Great Post”, “Thanks for the update” etc will be flagged as SPAM and deleted.

That’s all you need to do. Simple, right?

If you like to read my musing, why don’t you subscribe to me. Just click here, register and verify your email. You will then get email updates whenever I published my new rambling!!! You can also “LIKE” Cyza Sector Facebook or “Follow My Twitter“.

p/s: Have you downloaded my FREE “230 Make Money Sites” report?

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99 Responses

  1. Jomtonton says:

    Farah memang lah, seorang yang rajin mengomen 🙂 Syabas bete.. 🙂

  2. Jomtonton says:

    Kayuh pelan2 lambat sampai Syu.. si farah ni guna turbo engine,
    Jadi kena guna jet engine kalu nak potong dia 😛

  3. syu90 says:

    btol tu..slalu jd top 1 nie..

  4. syu90 says:

    tp jom tonton pon sme jgk..rjin komen mengomen jgk..

  5. syu90 says:

    yup, btul tu..mari berusaha..

  6. syu90 says:

    ooh, yeke..klau camtu kena tukar strategi la nmpaknye nie..

  7. Jomtonton says:

    Eh, yer ke.. hahaha..
    Biasa je tu Syu 🙂

  8. Jomtonton says:

    Jom..jom.. no pain no gain

  9. Jomtonton says:

    Syu pun boleh.. beat lelaki kacak bernama titan tu.. hahaha..
    Nasib baik dia ada kursus, kalau tak berasap jugak nak kejar otai2 ni..

  10. syu90 says:

    eh, btul la..

  11. syu90 says: pain no gain..

  12. syu90 says:

    ooh, yeke..patut la si lelaki kacak tu senyap je..hehe..

  13. farahaznil says:

    xpe…..baru style….suka tagline tu

  14. farahaznil says:

    duit sampingan time blajau..hi hi

  15. farahaznil says:

    hehe..time gelak..naik 10 pack..ho ho hoh o

  16. farahaznil says:

    no money..hi hi

  17. farahaznil says:

    hahaha..skrng..kita bertiga ajer yg conquer ini tanah..haha

  18. syu90 says:

    haha..btol tu..jom conquer slagi bleh..

  19. syu90 says:

    no money no ?

  20. farahaznil says:

    yeah….mai mai..haha..sebelum di tembak bertubi2

  21. farahaznil says:

    no money no = illekkkk…haha

  22. cyza says:

    Ooo korang bertiga je conquer…ye ke?

  23. farahaznil says:

    hahaha..last minit lain plak jadi ceritanya..buah cempedak tukau jadi nagka..haha

  24. Jomtonton says:

    Aicheh, laju gila farah ni.. hahaha

  25. Jomtonton says:

    Man jadda wa jada

  26. Jomtonton says:

    No money no talk la..

  27. Jomtonton says:

    Kayuh.. jangan tak kayuh.. 🙂

  28. Jomtonton says:

    Dah tau dah Farah yang menang 🙂

  29. Jomtonton says:

    Aih.. makin bertambah.. jangan jadi bag pack dah 😛

  30. Jomtonton says:

    Hahaha.. side income

  31. Jomtonton says:

    Tu lagu celine deon tu apa tajuk? Wakawaka ke..

  32. farahaznil says:

    sapu je..asalkan free..hi hi

  33. farahaznil says:

    yeah…….pastu dapat duit makan pizza…pergh..haha

  34. farahaznil says:

    haha..bag pack 80 liter

  35. farahaznil says:

    amin…hahaha..apa2 pun sama2 kita usaha

  36. farahaznil says:

    haha….tak pasang speed track lg tu..hi hi

  37. farahaznil says:

    no money = talk to my hand..haha

  38. farahaznil says:

    laju apa..gua naik ex5 je nih..hehe

  39. Jomtonton says:

    Sapu sampai bersih..

  40. Jomtonton says:

    Hahaha, pizza jugak yang nampak..
    Makanlah nasik ngan ikar bakar ke, iakn 3 rasa ke.. ayam panggang ke..

  41. Jomtonton says:

    Liter tu convert jadi KG pulak.. perghh

  42. Jomtonton says:

    Hahaha, pasni aku sibuk dah ngan kelas..
    So tak dapat komen selalu.. 😛

  43. Jomtonton says:

    Gua rasa nak jalan kaki la Farah pasni, nak excercise sikit.. biar keluar peluh.. lambat pun takpe..

  44. Azwan says:

    t-shirt tu limited edition. rugi kalau tak dapatkan.

  45. Donna Jane says:

    Ah, only from Malaysia. Ok 🙂 cool contest

  46. farahaznil says:

    aku lupa contest satu lagi ni..hehe

  47. Jomtonton says:

    Ramai orang cakap.. farah memang laju.. hehehe..

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