More Foods Eaten In Kuantan…Ouch!

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As explained earlier, when we are in my wife’s hometown in Kuantan, there are a variety of food to be tasted and consumed. In this entry, I’ll share some of the beautiful, splendid and superb delicacies prepared in the house and also fine dined outside. I even missed my favourite live match telecast involving Manchester United because the entire family wanted to eat “Ikan Bakar” (I think the translation should be grilled fish) in a huge and popular restaurant in the Kuantan.

Update: I’m now back in Johor Bahru. Oh what a tiring journey.


Laksa Lemak Trengganu is so tasty. Here this laksa is preferred to be eaten with our bare fingers. taste so good.


While doing the light shopping to buy stuffs for the "rojak" Marsya & Alya saw this cendol guy and wanted to try it out. So, we ate the cendol... The cendol was good but I had taste better cendol before.


This is the cendol prepared by the mamak who wears the bluetooth headset (see above photo to check if he is wearing a blue tooth device).


Fine Dine in a restaurant in Kuantan. The restaurant has 2 floors. We are in the second floor because the ground floor is too pack.


This is called Kerabu Mangga. I don't know how to describe it but it contains sliced mango with some gravy with some other ingredients.


Simple stired fried egg which is the most popular choice for our kids at the restaurant. They are not adventures in eating yet.


Delicious tempura fried squid. This is so delicious and tasty...hmmm...yummy...


Seabass Grilled Fish wrapped in banana leaves (Siakap) was one of the main dish.


The Seabass Grilled Fish after we removed the banana leave. Can you smell the delicious aroma? hehe


Three taste grouper Fish (Ikan Kerapu 3 Rasa)


Home made Ikan Gulai ...

More foods…more foods…with no photo…

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63 thoughts on “More Foods Eaten In Kuantan…Ouch!”

  1. best!

    1. laksa kuah pekat camtu mmg kena pakai tangan lagi terangkat, sama cam laksa johor…berbeza dgn laksa utara yg kuahnya byk air kan…

    2. rasanya mmg mamak buat cendol better dr bangsa lain kan…hahaha

    3. tu seafood kat tg.lumpur kan?
    kami pun penah try makan sana, sedap!

    4. kerabu mangga dia cam tak best je sbb disagat kasar dan nmpak kurang ramuan..
    (sbb i peminat kerabu mangga so mmg cerewet, haha)

    5. lauk ikan gulai tu paling best kan sbb air tangan mak…

  2. 1. The laksa is really good…and creamy…hehe
    2. I think that depends…some of our people can also make excellent cendol…not biased but just to reveal some facts that i know.
    3. Yep…tg. lumpur is the place…
    4. Mmmm…no komen on the kerabu mangga…not my favourite.
    5. Gulai ikan is superb…

  3. Sekarang ni jangan kata tak boleh..
    Sebab orang kita dah lazim sangat dengan tak boleh.. Dulu nak makan roti canai kena pg kedai mamak, sekarang dah ada ready made. Ketupat ready made.. mana tau lepas ni cendol ready made, bukan mustahil..

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