My New USB Multimedia Speaker + USB Optical Mouse

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Yesterday was the last day of PC Fair in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), the place where I’m struggling like crazy with my Ph.D (Chemical Engineering). Luckily after lunch, we (me and my other half) stopped by at the PC Fair venue. I was actually searching some stuffs. My old USB wired optical mouse is unhealthy. The mouse right click button cannot be used. I also need a new speaker for my PC at my office. So, it’s time for some spending – budget spending :) . I’m not the type of guy who spends money on branded items. I always search for the lowest price and I don’t give a damn on the brand. As long as the items, gadgets or equipments can be used, I will opt for it. In certain cases only I will consider the brand (mainly because I want quality items).


I needed a pair of speaker for the set of PC in my office at my workplace. Hence, I purchased this simple, small but powerful speaker. I'm very happy for this purchase and I think it's cute. The cost of it is RM25 (USD8.33).


This is the box containing the USB optical mouse that I just purchased. It's cheap. Originally the price tag for it is - RM10 for 2 optical mouse. But then, since I also purchased the multimedia speaker, the sales person let me have one mouse for RM5 (USD$1.6). No brand but it works perfectly nice for me...


I fixed the new USB optical mouse and also the new Multimedia speaker to my white toshiba laptop and it works perfectly beautiful...aha...

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7 Responses

  1. Jomtonton says:

    Wah barang baru nampak :)
    Item takde brand takpe, janji boleh pakai. Biar laptop je yang brand
    Teringat windows longhorn tengok brand speaker tu

  2. cyza says:

    Haha…sikit2 bro…betul tu…no brand is ok as long as we can use it happily at least for a year…

  3. titan says:

    wahh..main speaker la pulakk..

  4. Jomtonton says:

    setuju2, tak semestinya semua benda kena branded. Yang penting fungsi dia cemerlang :)

  5. farahaznil says:

    gila murah mouse…haha..aku suka mouse tu…slalu juga beli…sebab bila jahanam tak rasa rugi sangat berbanding beli yg mahal…..ho ho..tpi mouse ni kat tempat aku masih mahal- rm10..kadang2 aje dpt rm8..ho ho

  6. farahaznil says:

    kalau rosak pun tak rasa rugi sangat..haha

  7. Donna Jane says:

    In our case here in the Philippines we are importing gadgets, though there are some here too. I just see gadegets commonly made from japan and china . How bout yours> :)

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