Persian Cats Rule…

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Do you love cats? I do. What cats do you have? Do you have a Persian cat? Or do you own a Siamese cat? Or just ordinary plain species of cat. One thing for sure is my in laws love cats so much. The entire family love those cats. There are a lots gorgeous cats taken care by them.

My mother in law is the chief of cat department. She manages the department from her home in Kuantan. There are 5 Persian cats under her supervision and she’s handling them with the assistance of the other family members. (Present Update 2012: There are too many cats inside her house… I cannot count it anymore. Interestingly, “Kitty” is the oldest cat in the house. Her age is 11 years old and she is older than my eldest son).

As an amateur reporter, I interviewed her about her Persian cats maintenance costs. Following are the gist of the interview:


1. Cat Food

5 cats require 7 kg of vetmaster/month (Vetmaster is a food brand that she used to feed the cat. It’s just like Friskies and Whiskas, but it is cheaper and contain less nutritions compared to those branded cat food). The cost of vetmaster is RM10 per kg. She buys the food at the local vet clinic in Kuantan. The cat food container cost between RM10-15 per piece.

For a baby persian cat, she will spend RM35 per kg Friskees which has complete nutritions and easily digestable for growing up kittens. If the kitten’s mum milk is not enough, she have to buy additional specially formulated milk which cost RM30 per can.

2. Cat Shampoo

Normal shampoo for healthy cat will cost RM15/bottle. Bath frequency is once week per cat and the shampoo can last for 2 to 3 months. For Persian cat with ringworm problem, a special medicated shampoo is required which cost about Rm30/bottle. The special shampoo must be applied until the Persian cat is free from ringworm.

3. Medication

Like us, Persian cat also require vaccine. The vaccine is injected around the butt area. The cost for one jab is RM 20 per cat and it is applied when it reaches 2 months old. A subsequent jab is carried out after 1 month and after that, it will need will annual vaccination to be perfectly healthy which cost RM20 per vaccine injection.

When the Persian cat experience high fever, it must be given an antibiotic injection which cost RM10 per cat. If the Persian cat has fleas, a special injection to treat it cost RM20 per cat for a duration of 3 months. The Persian cat also needs consistent eye drop medication to ensure its eyes are OK and that cost RM10 for a duration of 3 months which is applied once a week.

When the Persian cat is attacked with ringworm, besides the special shampoo, a special anti ringworm injection is required. It will cost RM15 per week and the jab is continuously applied until the Persian cat recovers. Another one is the “Ubat Cacing” which cost RM5 per cat per month.

Persian cat also need to be given vitamins for various reasons which include as appetizer and to maintain the healthiness of its fur. The cost are RM6 for a duration of 3 months (applied once a week) and RM8 every 3 months, respectively.


4. Cat Sex Fertility, production

If a male Persian cat need to be circumcision, it will cost about RM60 per cat. For a female Persian cat, to remove it’s uterus, it will cost RM180. To barren or sterile the female Persian cat, the cost is RM20 per cat per 6 months. These activities are mainly applied if we want to control the Persian cat production.

If a pregnant Persian cat experienced a late delivery, an injection need to be done to speed up the birth and to reduce the pain. If there is complication, then an operation (caeserian) must be performed and it cost about RM400 (luckily there is an interest free installment plan for it).

5. Cat Bungalow House Cage

A small simple cage will cost about RM60/piece while a bigger one will cost more than RM250 ++.

6. Others

A Persian cat needs sand to poop and the sand cost RM 12/kg. The hair or fur of the Persian cat need to be combed. The comb cost about RM30 per piece and can be used for all Persian cats. If my mother in law and the entire family is away for a trip, it is impossible to bring along all 5 cats. So, she’ll temporarily leave the cats at a pet shop or clinic. The pet shop or clinic will take care of the cat and charge RM10 per cat per day. So, if there are 5 cats, it will cost RM50 per day.

For a 2 month old Persian kitten, the value is about RM500-600. For a Persian cat which is more than 6 months old, the starting value is from RM800 ++. Other places may have different price range of a Persian cat. It is really expensive to buy a Persian cat and also very costly to maintain one.

TOTAL COST to maintain a Persian Cat:

A lot!!!! As I’m writing this entry, I’m already confused with all the dollar and cost of maintaining this cat because there are simply to much of things to take care. I love the cat but I’m not willing to take care of one. Well, I’ll just settle with stray cats! 🙂

What about stray cats?….

$0.00. No cost. Maintenance Free. Very easy to handle. In fact the easiest type of cat species to be handled. You don’t have to take care of them. They’ll take care of themself. You just give them whaever waste food you have and they’ll be very happy to consume it.

So, now you choose which cat to pick as your favourite pet?



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39 Responses

  1. en_me says:

    alahai, kucing itteww

  2. shaz says:

    saya suke dgn kucing kerana kucing sgt comel ttp agak tkt untuk pggnye..bkn agak tkt lg tp sgt tkt utk pgg kucing..hehe

  3. zaki says:

    @ Shaz,

    Aik….camna boleh takut pegang kucing….best apa….binatang manja lagi ayu….kekadang je ganazzz…

  4. Misha says:

    I’m definitely a stray cat person. But then the cats always pick me instead of me picking them! 🙂

  5. Abu71 says:

    Hai,bela kucing lak,harimau tak minat.aku nya hosting macam lambat je nak loading,berat la.

  6. shaz says:

    hehe..tkt nk pgg kucing sbb tkt die gigit kot..hehe..btw, where’s ur mother in law stay in Kuantan?

  7. Mohd Ismail says:

    kawan aku, seorang bekas anggota tentera, sangat takutkan kucing… ha ha!

  8. zaki says:

    @ Misha.

    We have similar interest —> Stray cats!!!

    @ Abu,

    aku memang ada niat bela anak harimau….

    @ Shaz,

    the cat won’t byte you if you give them some LOVE….
    Permatang Badak….

    @ Mael,

    Ishk….tak macho la itu macam!!!

  9. am says:

    wahhh kucing… mahalnye nak maintain seko persian… am suka kucing tapi tak boleh dekat… sebab allergic dengan bulu kucing… sama ada asma atau mata start pedih + gatal = merah berair… dua2 tu benda yang am takuti kalau dekat dengan binatang berbulu….

  10. syia says:

    aiyok.. huh.. syia ni pengecut kucing..x kisah la kucing pe.. yang pasti nampak je kucing syia lari. paling teruk kalau raya rumah kawan, nampak ada kucing mesti dok belakang kawan je

  11. zaki says:

    @ Am,

    Memang mahal pun nak maintain sekor kucing parsi…apatah lagi berekor2 kucing parsi. Tapi persian cat ni memang cun….aku minta, tapi lagi suka kalau ada orang yang tolong maintain kan….

    @ Syia,

    oooo like that aaaa….kalau tikus takut/geli tak?

  12. Abu71 says:

    aku ingat nak bela ular sawa,nak bawa tempat keja boleh kawan ngan……tak pon boleh belit….

  13. zaki says:

    @ Abu71,

    Ishkkk….ko nie…bahaya la…ular memang aku betul2 geli…

  14. azwanhadzree says:

    jangan bela orang kucing dah la

  15. Aizat says:

    saye kurang suke kucing.. hehe

  16. am says:

    satulah kucing ni biasa dia ada instinct kalau kita suka kucing… dia mesti datang dekat n meleser-leser…

  17. zaki says:

    @ Azwan,

    Nanti aku nak bela cat woman…

    @ Aizat,

    Yela…sebab dah ada Syaz…

    @ Am,

    Itu memang betul…he he….

  18. zaki blogjer says:

    Bleh la bukak blog pasal kucing pasni. hehe

  19. catzer says:

    i got a female cat, already 3 years old. She cost me about RM100 plus permonth. She only eat royal canin and purina can food. Sometime, i spend more than Rm100 for medication,grooming and boarding. Gosh, im totally “kopak” but without her im totally lost.

  20. zaki says:

    @ Blogjer,

    mmm….don’t think so la…! Sekali sekala je la….blog pasal kucing ni…

    @ Catzer,

    No wonder….you are catwoman sister!!! 🙂

  21. Syam says:

    @ catzer – cost tu kalah maintenance blog aku tau..haha 😛

  22. zaki says:

    @ Syam, Catzer,

    Memang pun. Maintain blog jauh lebih murah dari kucing…

  23. aferro says:

    takut pegang kucing pegang lah tuan kucing ps tu sure tak takut dah malah suka plak

  24. Keren… menarik banget bacaannya 🙂

  25. titan says:

    gambar last tu paling kacak. haha..

  26. cyza says:

    Ye…agreed bro…

  27. noriz says:

    hehe, i pun ada mimpi2 nak uat cite psl kucing tapi idea lum mari… coz my house pun banyak gak kucing…

    my jiran siap ada kandang besar utk kucing2 parsi dia…

    then kwn ofis hubby pun ada buat department kucing gak kat tepi rumah, sib baik laman uamh luas…

    psl makanan tu, tak semestinya frikis dan whiskas je bagus…ada pakar vet ckp..brand terkenal tu byk sgt garam so boleh rosak kan buah pinggang kucing…so guna yg murah pun no hal…

  28. farahaznil says:

    tgk suka..bela sorry…..haha….penat weh nak bela kucing!!!!!!!!….diri sendiri pun tak terbela

  29. Jomtonton says:

    Suka kucing.. boleh main garu-garu 🙂
    Kucing yang biasa je.. nak kucing Parsi tak mampu

  30. Donna Jane says:

    My cousin and I are in love with Persian CATS !!!
    I wish you heard my cousin’s ONLY X-mas Wish 🙂

  31. farahaznil says:

    yo..kat uia ada 1 kucing liar…tak tahu org bela ke tidak…tapi warna cantik..kuning mcm pussy in the boottsssss….haha..comel

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