Ph.D oh Ph.D…

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I can say that 80% of my time during this weekend is mainly focus on my Ph.D. Who says I’m not focus in working on my Ph.D?! I’m like a crazy zombie (sometimes wearing a t-shirt, sometimes not wearing anything) in front of his white Toshiba laptop, sometimes sitting outside the house (at the drive way) and sometimes sitting on the floor (in the hall).  To be exact, I’m working extremely hard, I mean really hard to get my technical paper ready to be published in a chemical engineering related journal that has impact factor more than 3. I need to make my draft journal paper as intellectual and of highest quality. I hope and pray this draft paper of mine will be accepted by the journal.

Some of you perhaps cannot imagine how or what a Ph.D student faced… Most of the time they are battling his or her own self. OK, let me share with you some cartoons taken from I love the cartoons and it really resemble the life, problem and dilemma that a Ph.D student encounters. Enjoy… or hmmm… rather… understand how i feel… :)







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