Fine Dine @ Arif Yoges Steamboat Barbeque, Rawang

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I arrived at Rawang yesterday late afternoon. We stayed at my bro in law’s house. There’s a reason why we are here. You will know that soon. As the dinner time approaches, we headed to Arif Yoges Steamboat Barbeque restaurant. I don’t know what to expect. So, we just agreed and went to the restaurant which was located somewhere in Bukit Beruntung.

This is a buffet style dinner. Adults are charged RM15 while kids are charged RM7.50. Children under 7 is free of charge. Total cost of the dinner is only RM110 for two families. It’s very reasonable and precious experience.

Check out the adventure and experience.


My bro in law made a booking for the steamboat barbeque before we arrived at Rawang. From this photo, you can know that his name is Rizal. He works in Perodua.


These are the sources. The yellow one is butter to fry or make barbeque. The red ones are the chilly. The black one is the barbeque source.


The left hand side is the chicken, cut just like sate. The center is the prawn. The far right is the beef also cut like sate.


This is another view of the above photo.


Everybody enjoyed the meal. The kids can choose and fry what they want to eat. They can also choose what they want to eat for the steamboat. Personally it's a new experience for me.


The owner of the restaurant snapped our photo using his camera. Since he enjoys snapping photo, I asked him to snap a photo of us (including me inside).


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    wahh, makan besar nampak.

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