How much should a take away Milo cost?

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Do you know Milo? Milo is one of Nestle’ most popular products. Milo itself has become not just a brand name but also name of a drink. However, this is article is not at all related to Nestle’s great or incredible stories. This article serves entirely a different purpose.

Do you love icy cold Milo? I do. My kids do as well. I also love hot Milo. The time to select between cold or hot depends. When it’s morning or late evening, I’ll choose hot Milo. When it’s blazing hot in the afternoon I’ll choose the cold one.

At work, I love to buy a take away Milo from the cafeteria. The take away Milo taste good, breezing cold (indicating sufficient ice cubes to attain optimal temperature), and the volume is generous. Guess what… the price is RM1.00 only. This is considered very cheap for a take away Milo for that amount. The normal market price in ordinary restaurant is RM1.50 depending on locations. There are places where the cost of take away Milo is up to RM2.00. Nevertheless, my favorite time to purchase this take away Milo is after lunch around 2.00- 2.30pm.


Example of a take away Milo. I'll get the actual photo of the take away Milo from my cafetaria and also from the school soon.

Recently, while fetching my kids from school in the afternoon, I saw several kids waiting for the parents with take away Milo that they purchased from the school canteen. The take away Milo looks exactly the same like the take away Milo that I always buy in the cafeteria at my work place. After a few days, I cannot resist asking one of the kids the cost of the take away Milo. Before asking any of them, I asked my own kids first. They said the cost of the take away Milo is RM1.50!!! Wow… I was very shock. That is considered expensive for a primary school. Then I asked one of the schooling kids that is slurping his take away Milo. Yep… it’s confirmed. The cost is RM1.50. Oh gosh!!!

I strongly believe this should not happen. The school must monitor and check the price of the food and drinks that the students are buying (or are forced to buy). What about the quality?

I have earlier highlighted about this before where the food and drink in this school is relatively more expensive. How come the cafetaria at my work place can sell a take away Milo cheaper than the take away Milo in a primary school. I don’t think this make any sense!!!

I’ll update this entry with the photo of the take away Milo from both locations soon.

What do you guys think of it?

Stay tune…

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5 Responses

  1. noriz says:

    i dah tried few places, paling suka rasa milo ais di Aked Meranti… pekat, banyak dan sedap!

    dulu rm1 tpi bru ni naik sket rm1.2… still consider cheap lah sbb berbaloi utk isi yg byk pastu tak cair pun…

  2. titan says:

    hoho..memang harga macam tu..

  3. cyza says:

    So, moral nya harga di sekolah patut lebih berpatutan lah ye… betul tak?

    Di universiti pun lagi murah…di cafe tempat saya tu…sewa cafe bukan murah…mahal macam kedai kat luar…tapi takdelah jual mahal!!!

  4. cyza says:

    Kalau harga macam tu…berapa duit belanja yang patut emak bapak bagi kat anak utk ke sekolah…? Jawap…jgn tak jawap?


    Remember… Milo pun RM1.50!!!!!!

  5. farahaznil says:

    jgn lah marah bro…zaman gua lagi duit belanja dah kena rm3…milo zaman guna pun rm1.50..ho ho ho…cer bayangkan msk U..lagi banyak blanja wooo

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