I’m Feeling Blue…

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Am I?

Yes, I am.

It has been an interesting weekend. Many things took place. But I wanted to highlight just some of them. It’s all about why I’m feeling blue during the weekend.To learn more, you need to endure with my emotions below…

I’ll be missing my wife for 10 long days.

Not just me, but the kids as well. My wife is now in Melbourne, Australia. We sent her to the airport earlier today. She went to Melbourne because of the Global Outreach Program (GOP), a program which is famous in UTM for students who like to travel abroad. It has been just few hours but I really miss her. Few minutes ago, she SMS’ed me informing that she has safely landed at Melbourne and she was doing fine. I hope everything will be smooth and fine for her while she is there.

My White Toshiba Laptop has some problemdepressed12

This is one of my scariest nightmare. I have almost everything in my laptop. It’s very critical because my Ph.D research content, my technical papers, my business, my photos, my everything is inside it. The problem is that the screen stays dark and do not display any content although the laptops is running. As a result, I cannot do basically anything!!! I have my draft technical paper to correct and to be sent to my supervisor for final last check. This is the last thing that I wish to happen while I’m working on my Ph.D. The problem started to emerge on a Friday afternoon and soon becomes permanent on Saturday. For a swift solution to get into my laptop, I took my LCD monitor in my office and brought it home, connected it to the laptop. Luckily, it worked and I can do some back up and retrieved some file before I send it for repair tomorrow (Monday).

My Panasonic Compact Digital Camera Display has some problem!!!

Not at this moment but it happened. I’m quite disappointed and sad because suddenly I realized this problem. My wife had to bring a malfunction camera to Melbourne. If I were her, I will be angry and upset because the camera is not in good condition. The problem is that the display is not clear, probably due to a hard knock or it fell from somewhere to the floor or something like that. However, when we transfer the photo, it has no problem. I wonder whether I should repair or purchase a new digital camera… hmmm…

My Samsung Galaxy Ace is showing some problem…

I don’t know why at this time, a lot of my gadgets are showing sign of poor performance of problem. My Samsung Galaxy Ace is also showing some problem when it fails to charge several time. The problem made me spend few hours to fix it. I think the charging port may have corroded. As a result smooth power supply could not be processed. Oh…what’s happening to me now…

Lacking of Cash!!!

Ahah… This maybe something interesting and stuff that myself and you would not expect. The salary from last month has been fully consumed! I have “zero” from my salary now. Lots of thing to pay. Lots of thing to buy. Lots of commitment here and there. As a result the cash vapourised just like that. It gone with the wind. Now, I’m going to continue live with my saving only. I need to start selling links in all of my blog to start getting some cash reimbursement. I’m not complaining but just sharing. However, don’t worry, the cash prize for the contest is still available. I have some allocation for that.

I think that should be it. I don’t want to put many sad story. Enough. I’ll just need to stay positive and accept everything that happened as a challenge. The kids are now sleeping and I’m thinking of joining them now… sleepy…tired…missing my wife…

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12 Responses

  1. Jomtonton says:

    Salam bro, mungkin ada hikmah disebalik kejadian yang berlaku bertimpa-timpa,
    Hanya Allah yang mengetahuinya.. bersabarlah. Sekurang-kurangnya bro dah luahkan melalui penulisan di sini..

  2. noriz says:

    wah, Dr.MJ ke sana dlm keadaan pregnant ni?
    hopefully semau ok sbb GOP ni jadualnya padat, takut dia penat lak…
    tpi bergantung gak pd travel agent mereka… ada yg setakat amik simple pakej so tak jln sgt… tpi klu amik cam sya dulu, full schedule so mmg exhausted tapi puas!

    maybe it’s time for u amik new camera kot… pasni try compact Nikon or Canon…sbb for me hanya 2 tu je yg bagi camera berkualiti…

    psl Toshiba & samsung rosak tu… i penh dgr yg 2 jenama tu senang buat hal… i sndiri takut sbb i pun pakai samsung skang….huhu, dan my fren ckp dia tobat nak cari laptop toshiba lgi … wallahuallam…

    about cash tu… ia boleh terjadi pd sesapa je sbb, iyelah kan…. naik kita ada turun naik nye, kekadang benda yg unexpected leh terjadi…. huhuuuu

    sabar lah yea 🙁

  3. itisrajah says:

    yup, that’s right. stay positive! 🙂

  4. cyza says:

    Yes, there are Hikmah’s from all the incidents and occasions. Thanks bro.

  5. cyza says:

    Yep, Dr MJ ke sana dlm keadaan pregnant…pregnant kecik…Yes, hopefully dia ok-ok saja dan happy.

    InsyaAllah memang we all nak amik new camera soon.

    Toshiba dah hantar clinik tapi nak tunggu wakil Toshiba datang dan betulkan since still ada warranty.

    About cash…now surviving with the savings and insyaAllah rasanya ada rezeki, adalah wang yang datang tu…

  6. cyza says:

    I’m trying my best to stay positive. thanks Hajar.

  7. titan says:

    aku yakin, korang boleh. lagipun, korang dah besar panjang pun kannn..hehe

  8. cyza says:

    Haha…ye ye…boleh boleh…saja je sharing kat blog…

  9. cyza says:

    Thanks for the sharing. Anyway, bab kasih hutang tu yang payah…sebab kalau adik beradik sendiri, family nak pinjam, sangat susah utk tak kasih…especially kalau kita memang ada simpanan… so camna tu?

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  2. April 10, 2012

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