My Earth Hour Commitment

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¬†We’ve recently went through the Earth Hour 2012 on the 31st of April 2012. Initially I planned to visit Sutera Mall to take part together with the rest of Johoreans to celebrate Earth Hour and to see what are the activities there. However, I was too exhausted from the various activities carried out on that Saturday. Remember my entri about the cross-country? Yes, we had a cross-country, then we went to UTMost Innovation and then went for shopping at Tesco Kulai. In between that we had some lunch.

We came out from the house at 7.00 am that day and returned home at 4.00 pm. That’s why we were very tired. So, I decided to stay home and just execute my lights’ off at home only. So, there you are, at 8.30pm, I switched off the lights at my home. However, we still switched on the TV. After an hour, at 9.30am, we switched on the lights back again.

So, what about your earth hour commitment? I know there are many people out there who don’t believe in Earth Hour or refused to take part. Some said that this activity is not important. The behaviour and attitude of people is more important. I don’t have time to entertain such narrow minded people like that who always have negative thinking. I just hope such campaign which is to create awareness among people will be better perceived by others.


Stay tune for the comming April 2012 Contest soon.

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51 Responses

  1. noriz says:

    i pun tutup semua lampu tpi tak terjejas pun kegelapan sbb rumah jiran2 terang benderang depan belakang pastu lampu jalan pun depan umah so klu i nak buat earth hour tiap2 mlm pun boleh…hehehe

    but i really agreed dgn komen u psl attitude mereka yg negatif psl ni…. apa lah susah sgt nk tutup lmpu tu… kena ingat long term kan utk selamatkan bumi…demi anak cucu kita…
    what u give u get back…

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