My Wednesday Mood Swing

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This entry is most appropriate to be posted yesterday. However, I make way to my father’s birthday and tribute because that’s more important.

I just want to share some of my experiences that made my Wednesday mood the worse in 2012.  Many things happen that combined and made me to be at my lowest point. It’s like a complete combination of disaster. However, I tried my very best to control my mood and my composure.

Here are the list (with no particular order) of what happened:

  • While I was watching Malaysia Hari Ini before going to work, my TV program stuck. Something wrong with my Astro alternative. That was the starting point of a bad day.
  • I made a new pair of spectacles. Hence my eyes need to adjust to the new power (which has slightly increased). I became slightly dizzy and that contributed indirectly to my bad mood.
  • I attempted to purchased the tickets for the last BPL match of the season at Stadium of Light for the game between Sunderland and Manchester United. After registration at Sunderland’s website, the link to purchase that ticket was not available. Hence I emailed the ticket office. Then they asked me one question that was quite tricky:  ” Was it the Sunderland or Manchester United end you wanted? ” Then I replied: “I don’t mind any side since we just want to experience the atmosphere. However, if you ask, I would appreciate it we can have the Manchester United end. If that is not possible, the Sunderland section is also fine with us.” Then they replied: “If you prefer the Manchester United end then you would have to contact them for these tickets.” From that point, i knew it. I blew my chance of purchasing the tickets for the final match. Of damn!!! That contributed more than 50% of my mood swing for the day. After that, the ticket office did not reply any of my email after I begged and pledge them. They already knew that I was there for Man United and not for Sunderland.
  • I drove my kids to the tuition later at 8pm. Then at one road, suddenly a small kids maybe around2 years old crossed the road. I slowed and stopped my car. Suddenly there was this guy scolded me. He claimed I was driving very fast at that road!!! I got really pissed off. I’m a very careful driver and I hated what he did to me.


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2 Responses

  1. noriz says:

    it just ur bad day… huhu
    tapi mmg takleh nak jangka kan…

    selalu klu dr awal dah ada hal, mmg meleret sepanjang hri jadi teruk… iskhhh

    semoga hari ni dan esok lebih baik lagi…

  2. cyza says:

    Yep… what to do… tabahkan hati teruskan hidup…perbetulkan emotion…

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