New Dell Latitude D620 Laptop

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My HP Compact was purchased end of 2006 using my adsense money. I used it for work and blogging business until in late 2008. After that, I used my white Toshiba laptop. I let my kids used the HP compact laptop for games or for online education (which rarely happens!). After a while the HP Compact laptop shows some problematic sign. It began to have problems. After several times of repairing work, it cannot be saved anymore. There’s no need to repair the laptop for the 3rd time. So, I declare that my HP Compact laptop officially retire.

In order to replace HP Compact laptop, I have been searching for a decent second hand laptop to be used at home for the kids. After months of searching, finally one advertisement in Mudah caught my interest.

This is how it looked like:

Laptop Gaming DELL Latitude D620 Core Duo Win7


This is how the laptop looks like in the Mudah ad.


Another photo of the second hand Dell Latitude laptop

Price : RM 688

Laptop DELL Latitude D620.
Dalam keadaan sangat memuaskan dan berfungsi dengan baik.
Datang bersama waranty 30hari

Spesifikasi Laptop;
14inch wide screen
Processor Intel Core Duo 1.86GHz
Grafik 256MB (gaming)
DELL Power adaptor sekali.
Bateri boleh tahan 2jam.

Operating system Windows 7 Ultimate
-Microsoft office
-Power DVD
-Mozila firefox
-3GP player
-Adobe flash player 10 plugin
-Adobe reader 9
-Winamp 5

Beli terus guna je.
Internet takde masalah.

Kalau dah minat call je Saiful ditalian 019-7924- – –

Lokasi – – – -, Jalan merak 3, bandar Putra, Kulai.
Dekat2 dgn IOI Mall, Kulai.

Harga RM688 negoss

Nak lalu jalan Air port senai pun ok.
Dari round a board ada sign board nak ke Bandar Putra, kulai ni ATAU masuk dari fly over dkt hosp Kulai.

Here is the exact link. I believe the link will be deleted by Mudah soon.


The ad above attracted me. I think the specs are fine and the price looks reasonable as well.

I called the guy and to make things short, we went to his house, inspected the laptop and I decided to purchase it. I got the laptop which is still in great condition (almost like new) for RM680. Nothing is wrong with this new second hand laptop of mine accept for the weight. It is definitely the heaviest laptop I have so far. But since, the Dell laptop is intended to stay put at home, the weight factor is not a big issue.

In actual, the speed of this Dell Latitude D620 is 2.00GHz and not 1.86GHz. The hard disc is 100GB and not 80GB. I think this was an awesome purchase. I got a good laptop for the use of my kids at a good price. No need to buy a new laptop which cause more than RM1000.

However, I’m not sure if my decision to purchase this Dell laptop resulted in my White Toshiba laptop to sulk. Perhaps… I don’t know. I don’t have at all the intention to replace my white Toshiba laptop with this second hand Dell laptop.

Since I have to send my White Toshiba laptop for repair, I’ll be using this Dell laptop temporary until the display of the White Toshiba laptop is recovered. I need to install several important softwares tomorrow.


This is the actual photo that I just took for this blogpost. I transfered to this Dell laptop using bluetooth (as usual). Next to it is my new mouse.

That’s all folks for now. Catch you later…

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5 Responses

  1. titan says:

    hoho..ada laptop baru dah dia..

  2. cyza says:

    A good second hand laptop bro…

  3. titan says:

    kalau dapat harga tu, aku pun nak maa..

  4. syu90 says:

    bleh thn jgk la hrga dia..nmpak mcm baru lg..

  5. this is a best quality of laptop so thanks to share these feature on this site.

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