Some Legoland Update

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As mentioned yesterday, I went to Legoland Malaysia site attending a site visit organized by IEM. Following are my findings about the progress and development of Legoland Malaysia. I’m sorry, the information is a little bit jumble up and it is not sorted in any particular order. I just typed in whatever I remembered from the technical presentation and visit.

  • We were entertained by the project manager who was very helpful and kind despite of his very busy schedule and tense (we can see it in his face). Remember, this is a very huge theme park and it is not easy to make one with a tight budget.
  • Legoland Malaysia will be officially opened in 15th September 2012.
  • The cost of Legoland is RM750 million.
  • At the beginning the opening hours will be from 10am to 6pm.
  • To cater maximum capacity, Legoland Malaysia provided 4000 car parks which they anticipate to rise during school holidays.
  • There are 100 bus bays or bus park provided.
  • legolandmalaysiasite

    Me with the background of Legoland Malaysia. The picture was taken from the highest point which will store the water tank of the theme park. We need to ride 4 by 4 pick-up to reach this point. The weather is extremely hot.

    Legoland has planted over 3000 trees last year, however, the hot climate and the environment at the site make it quite challenging for the trees to grow smoothly as expected. It’s totally beyond their control. To provide more shades to visitors, artificial shades will be made.

  • There are so many interesting parks and playing area in Legoland that I would recommend potential visitors to purchase season pass.
  • At the center of Legoland is Miniland which will be one of the greatest attraction. You will want to see the miniatures of buildings and architectural icons from Malaysia and Asean countries.
  • There will be no typical Malaysia fast food restaurants or push carts inside Legoland. There will be only restaurants and push carts that is franchised to Merlin Entertainment opened in Legoland Malaysia, the same case with other 5 Legoland in the world.
  • There will be a hotel constructed next to Legoland Malaysia. The development is currently underway.
  • There will be a huge mall built adjacent to the entrance of Legoland Malaysia. Perhaps there will be the typical fast food of Malaysia type restaurant inside this mall.
  • Legoland Malaysia is identical to the Legoland in German. The reason is because the size of the land is almost the same.

I think that’s some sharing for the time being. I will definitely purchase season tickets for my family. But not in the soonest time because I want to bring along our baby which is expected to be due on early October. So, maybe we will start visiting Legoland as a complete family somewhere in mid 2013. Then we can have the privilege of enjoying Legoland Malaysia up to mid 2014. For you guys, it’s really up to you. The discounted ticket has run out. So, just get the season ticket and enjoy.

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