Top Commentator Contest March 2012 Result – Early Result

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April Fool!!!

Finally March 2012 has ended and there goes 31 days + 29 days + 31 days = 91 days of the year 2012. What have you achieved in the first quarter of 2012? What have I achieved? That’s a question that you should answer yourself, ain’t it?

OK, now since March 2012 is over, that means the Top Commentator Contest for March 2012 is also over exactly at 12 midnight according to my white Toshiba laptop + G-shock Riseman watch + Samsung Galaxy Ace smart phone. It was a neck to neck battle between Farahaznil and new comer, Jomtonton. Let’s see now who is the winner.

It is Farahaznil, the January 2012 winner who managed to win the title back again for March. She’s very lucky this month because she won quite a huge cash prize and also 3 mystery ebook that I promised to give. Thanks to her commitment in making 234 comments in Cyza Sector. What a huge number is that.

The second winner is newcomer Jomtonton with 231 comments and as usual the third winner is titan again…

I’ll check all the necessary requirements. If everything is satisfactory, I’ll be sending you the prizes as between fast as possible AND under 7 days. Congratulations to all of you. To those who failed to be in the top 3 position, don’t worry. Try again next time (or this month)… :)

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239 thoughts on “Top Commentator Contest March 2012 Result – Early Result”

  1. sila belanja aku jugak akan teh tarik dan roti canai 2 keping dan sebuku roti bakar… sekian terima kasih…

    nak kejar ke tidak nih???? slow bbc daaaa…

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