First Carboot Visit After 13 Years

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Last Sunday, after slightly settling down into our house (yeah… I know, I have not publish about our house yet, that will come later…), we went to a Carboot Sale at Whitley Bay. Since we don’t have any vehicle yet, we used public transports (specifically double Decker bus and metro train). In case if you don’t know what is carboot sale, please click here. Carboot Sale at Whitley Bay was recommended by our good friend, Azizul, who is the Chief of Balai Newcastle. He said that is the carboot which is easier to go with metro train. So, we went there on that shiny Sunday. Yeah…luckily it was shiny and warm.

Previously, when I studied in Bradford University 13 years ago, I regularly visited Halifax Carboot Sale. It’s located in West Yorkshire. So, it has been quite a while since I visit a carboot sale. Hmm…carboot sale in Malaysia is not popular or rather I can say not interesting. There are carboot sale in Johor Bahru held on a monthly basis, which is quite interesting, but the one in UK is far better.


Getting out of the Metro at Shiremoor. We need to walked several minutes before reaching the carboot.


One of the signboards beside the road on our walk to Whitney Bay Carboot sales


Alya found herself a small tiny push cart to carry her dolls and teddy bears. That cost 2 pounds.


I was not sure what my other half was buying or bargaining this time...


A view of the Whitley Bay Carboot Sale. Stuffs are prices so cheap still in a very good quality.


After the carboot sale. We bought some stuffs. Then we headed to a second carboot which is at Tyneside Metro station.

I found many interesting stuffs in this carboot sale. Among items that I nearly want to buy:

1. Wireless 3 in 1 printer – still functioning, comes with installation CD – the price is 5 pounds!!!

2. Bicycle – suitable for me to go back and fort to the university – 10 pounds!!!

3. Safety boots – brand new – 10 pounds.

However, I just got my self a plyer to adjust the radiator in the bathroom at our house. It cost me 0.50 pound. The teddy bear cost 1 pound each. We bought some glass bowl which cost us 1 pound each – actively being used in the kitchen. Hmm…what else… sorry I have forgotten…

If you see me in the photo above, the black leather jacket that I wore was purchased in Halifax Carboot sale 14 years ago. It is still being used and in fact my favourite jacket when I travel to 4 climate country. It cost me only 10 pound but it is still in immaculate condition! Imagine the cost of a brand new leather jacket?!

The beauty of Carboot Sale in UK

The concept is pretty much simple and this is my personal opinion based on my observation. The sellers are not in seek of profit. They basically want to get rid, minimize or reduce their stuffs and belongings. Most of them are in good quality condition. The selling price are crazily low and there is no way they make profit from it. They just want to let go their stuffs to those who are interested to be the new owner. That’s why many people love to hunt for used stuffs at attractive prices in the carboot.

Just imagine, I bought 4 pieces of napkin which is very much in superb condition (like new) for 10 pence each. That same napkin (new) is sold in popular store at the price of no less than 2 pound each.

Then I bought blue cotton towel (1 piece) and blue cotton hand towel (2 pieces). It cost me 1 pound only.

You can’t get this price anywhere. You can get it only at carboot sale.

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8 Responses

  1. noriz says:

    i mmg penah baca blogger dr sana ckp psl carboot mereka, mmg unik kan dan tak terasa hiruk pikuk…

    aman je rasa dan mereka pun behave

  2. Rizal says:

    kalau kat malaysia buat, memula memang the real carboot seller yang join, lepas tu konpom van pasar malam pun masuk sekali… tu yg jadi lain plak lepas tu…huhuhu

  3. titan says:

    malaysia punya carboot tak best. haha..

  4. cyza says:

    Memang best sangat carboot kat UK ni. People here are not looking for profit. They just want to let their belonging go to a new owner… That’s all.

  5. cyza says:

    Tu yang kena ada controller atau pihak organizer yang sah… Di JB ada JOHO yang urus carboot sale sebulan sekali setiap awal bulan. OK for a start. Later on mesti jadi best.

  6. cyza says:

    Haha…lambat lagi kot nak jadi best…

  7. Shaffik says:

    Ooo ada carboot sales juga ek…nampak cool beb….

  8. cyza says:

    Bro…carboot sale sebenarnya berasal dari UK la bro…

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