House Hunting in Newcastle – Day #2 & #3

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There are many important things to do upon arriving in Newcastle. The earliest was to make sure we received our luggage in the airport. Then, to have somebody to help us in the early days in Newcastle. That was pretty much done by Mr. Azizul and family who has been such a wonderful and charming host. Other post graduates also helped us a lot. Then the most important thing after that is for us to search for our own house.

So, the next day which is day #2, we got out of the house and start searching for potential houses via real estate agent. It was really tough to get a house to be rent for just 2 months. However, Mr. Azizul helped us around to visit more and more real estate agent in various locations and areas in Newcastle. I already know that this will be a tough assignment. Coming to Newcastle without a confirm place to stay in a weather that has temperature between 1-7 Celcius.


Ikhwan wondering... This was our first Metro ride to the city center from Mr. Azizul's house


Me and Mr. Azizul in the Metro train. He brought along his 2 year old daughter, Fatimah Arisa. Mr. Azizul's wife is the one doing Ph.D in Newcastle University and her supervisor and mine is the same. The only thing is I have not met my supervisor yet.


We arrived at this place which was supposed to be a potential place to stay according to the Newcastle University accomodation officer. Yes, the flat is available and can be rented for 2 months. It's very close to the university. But then the landlord do not accept children because according to her, the unit is small and not suitable. There we go... we need to search and hunt for house again.


After a long walk hunting for house, we stopped and check out this Restoran Nusantara, a Malaysian restaurant in the city center of Newcastle city. The owner is a Malay Malaysian and has operating this restaurant for several years already.


This is the Nasi Lemak (coconut rice) that we enjoyed. It cost about 5 pounds. The chicken portion is huge. It's equivalent to the chicken leg.


Then we continue walk again, hunting for another real estate agent to get another house.


Greggs is a popular bread shop in Newcastle. It is literally everywhere.


A view of some section of Newcastle city center while waiting for the bus.


On our way to visit another real estate agent.


Police horse unit in Newcastle city. We were on our way back home. Ikhwan pushing the stroller of baby Arisa.


Home sweet home. This is Mr. Azizul's house. This view is from the rear part and entrance is via the kitchen. His house is huge inside. That's why he and his family can host us.

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2 Responses

  1. titan says:

    ni dah jumpa rumah ke belum?

  2. cyza says:

    Found it already bro. Last Saturday dah move in…

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