I’m now a Newcastle University Student

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Last Friday, finally my registration as an occasional student was finalized and completed. I received my student card and that means I’m officially a Newcastle University student. Earlier, on Wednesday, I could not register because the post graduate admission officer was not around. I did not realized that the post graduate admission officer was only scheduled to be available before lunch hour. Hence, I have to come on the next day. On Thursday I came to the Newcastle University, paid the fee and registered. However, I was unfortunate because the officer in charged said that my IELTS has expired. The certificate can only be used for 2 years. My latest IELTS certificate was received in 2009. Just because of that I cannot complete my registration on that Thursday. I have to wait for somebody to approve my request as an occasional student despite of my “in-valid” IELTS certificate.

However, later in the same day, I received an email saying I can register. The IELTS rule was excluded for me due to my status as an occasional student. So, I proceeded with my online registration and the student center and took my photo at the same place. Everything was smooth, fast, efficient. No need to go to other buildings, rooms, sections etc. All in one place.


My student card. Simple.

Later in the afternoon, I met my supervisor and co-supervisor. We get to know each other and discussed about my project. Then my supervisor brought me for a brief tour at the Chemical Engineering School (The real name is “School of Chemical Engineering and Advance Material”) which is not that big. Although it’s not big, but the output is huge. That’s why I’m here.¬† To learn, explore, get expose, do some networking etc.


My school... not faculty...


My family after buying the duvet + its cover from Argos. We were heading home. We used the Metro to get home.


This was taken on our way home to our host's house after registration, after meeting my supervisor and after purchasing the duvet + cover. The houses in UK are so typical especially in the city.


This is the room temperature in our host house. It's quite cold but after the gas heater was switched on, the temperature gets warmer.

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4 Responses

  1. noriz says:

    alhamdulillah, semua berjalan lancar…

    dah dpt rumah sewa?

    kat overseas mmg kebanyakan U mereka akan gelar jabatan mereka as School instead of Faculty kan… no matter kecik atau besar

  2. titan says:

    jadi putih la hang lepas ni..

  3. cyza says:

    Dah dapat rumah sewa. Masuk sabtu lepas. Ye, memang byk pakai school. In fact di USM dan UKM pun pakai school…

    Cuma UTM ni yang besar…sampai jadi faculty.

  4. cyza says:

    Haha…bukan itu yang diharapkan… tapi settle nya kerja yang sepatutnya…

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