New Blogs from My Kids

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I have not had the luxury of time to blog on a consistent basis since I’m now a man with a mission. Yeah… my 2 months stay in Newcastle, United Kingdom is to accomplish several academic and research objectives. Hence, most of my time is focused on my research. Most of the time my mind is thinking on how to solve my thermodynamic modelling reaction problem.

At the same time, my kids are not schooling for this 2 months period. They are quite bored staying at home. My wife cary out some home tuition for them, however the mood and seriousness within the kids are not there. It’s different when the teacher is their own mother or father. The kids need a real teacher to teach them and to get them have the level of discipline.

So, to occupy their time, I asked them to make a blog post every day. Ikhwan and Marsya has already owned a blog since 2010. It’s just a matter of encouraging them to write and maintain a blog. This indirectly teaches them to be more computer and internet literate. At the same time the stories that they shared can be read by our other family members, themselves, and others. It’s also like a record or diary on their stay in the UK for tho months.

OK, let’s check out their blog.

Ikhwan Firdaus’s blog –

Marsya Syazweena’s blog –

Bear in mind that Ikhwan is 10 and Marsya is 8. They are still kids and they are not familiar yet with blogs and writing in the laptop. However, I’m trying my best to nurture and train them to do so. It’s for their own good and future.

What do you think about it?

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  1. titan says:

    ok la tu. hoho..

  2. Your blogs are really amazing. interesting details you posted.

  3. Your blogs are really awesome. i bookmarked to check again…

  4. samdaddycool says:

    Kelakar plak baca blog diaorang tu ­čÖé

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