Road Tripping Cross Country

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I really believe that everyone should experience going on a road trip. It’s fun and can really show you some places you never would have seen around your hometown. I drove my Nissan cross country last year and it was like a dream. If you have a Nissan, you’re in luck. If you don’t have one, do yourself a favor and get one. Search for used car los angeles and you may find that both the Riverside and los angeles used cars dealerships have what you’re looking for. Riverside  is a very reputable and well established dealership available in Riverside, California. Comparable to other nearby Nissan dealership, they are both high quality and exhibit the finest models of Nissan available. I got into researching dealerships a little bit when my best friend moved from Florida to California (talk about a change!). I wanted her move to be as least stressful as possible, so I made sure to do some research for her and find out everything I could about dealerships since I knew that her driving up here would pretty much be the last of her old Corona that she was holding on to. I looked up dealerships from all over California and was very pleased when I read such positive reviews about the one called Riverside. It was pleasantly close to where she would be moving so I figured I’d go and check it out to make sure it was the right one for her.


She liked Nissan as well, so I figured as long as the people and atmosphere were good enough, this could be her new dealership. I really enjoyed myself as soon as I walked in the door at Riverside. There was music playing, not blaring like some other dealerships, and the surrroundings were lovely and quaint. Of course it was a fairly large dealership, but there was just the right amount of employees to make you feel like it was a small and locally run business. The man who helped me look at different cars was extremely helpful and knowledgable and really seemed to enjoy his job. I love when dealerships actually hire car enthusiasts, because when someone is telling you about something and is excited about it, it usually rubs off on you. After my friend moved here, I gave her the address to Riverside and she’s been a loyal customer ever since. I personally have had great experience with the Corona dealership and continue to take my business there as I live nearby as well. I love going on road trips, I have since I was a child. Although I used to ride in my father’s van, I still enjoy driving my Nissan everywhere I need to go.

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