Several Down Side Moments

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It has been 24 days since we arrived in Newcastle, United Kingdom. Basically, we are quite settle down. Many interesting and unexpected things happened to our family. However, luckily everything is still fine and under control.

Flight Cancellation


I was so tired and I took a nap in that style!!! What was I thinking?

Since the very first day, our transit flight has some issues. Our flight was canceled, not delayed. That made it difficult for us. Waiting in the airport seems to be not a pleasant experience. Not knowing the faith of our luggages is the other point that haunted us during the flight from Amsterdam to Newcastle. Alhamdulillah, when we landed, we found our luggages together with the other passengers’.

Faith of our luggages

We were fortunate to have a good host that have helped us settled down on our early days in Newcastle. Thank God we managed to get a decent house for our 2 months stay. The house is on the first floor while the ground floor is rented by another 2 person. We just met and get to know them yesterday night when a ‘tragedy’ occured. I’ll talked about that in a moment.

Poor Health

The first one who got sick was Ikhwan. His asthma was quire serious. Luckily now we has recovered. Then, it was Alya. She has some severe stomach ache and from time to time vomits. Later, Marsya skin got itchy, perhaps she experience an allergy reaction from some food or somewhere. We were not sure. Luckily now she has recovered. My wife was having some back pain and some pain in some parts of her body as well. I need to ensure she’s really well because of she’s pregnant. I did most of the heavy physical work at home and asked the kids to help as well.

Accidental lock

After just a few days in our own rented house, Alya played the lock to her room. She adjusted a knob that is supposed to prevent the lock from locking the door by itself. To make things worse, the door was closed and it was locked from inside. Nobody was in the other side or in the room. The door cannot be opened. I called our agent and asked if the key room was available. Somebody came and tried some keys. Unfortunately, only the key to that particular room was unavailable. So, still, we cannot open the door. The agent and the landlord said that we have to pay 45 quid to use the locksmith service and replace a new lock. Damn! The next day, a guy came and brought with him a piece of paper that looks like flexible and tough like a plastic. Using that paper, he calmly and easily unlock the door! Damn!!! Damn again. It was that simple and easy. He never asked for money. I guessed he was working for the real estate agent.

Garmin Nuvi 200!


This is the used Garmin nuvi 200 that I was supposed to received. Real photo taken from ebay.

Few days after settling down in our new house, I seeked for a satellite navigator or better known in my country, Malaysia as GPS. I purchased one used GPS, Garmin Nuvi 200 for about 30 pounds. I paid it using my paypal money and paid the cost of courier. I waited and waited. On the fist Saturday in the house, the posman knocked the door and handed in a package. I unwrapped the package and found myself holding a digital HD webcam? What the heck? Am I dreaming or something? I ordered a Garmin Nuvi 200 GPS for UK and Eire roads. I immediately contacted the seller and asked for an explanation. He replied that the post office has mixed up with another package that he sent. My Garmin had been sent to another address elsewhere. He asked me to return the webcam. I did the following Monday and that cost me 4 quid. I waited for him to send me the Garmin, but after 5 days he replied that he had returned my money because the Garmin was lost. Luckily, I have with myself a Garmin Nuvi, more advance version, borrowed to me by Mr. Azizul, the one who hosted my family.

Rent a Car

Based on Mr. Azizul’s recommendation, I booked a car online from Enterprise. According to him, Enterprise provide pick up service from / to house for the renter. That’s good enough. On the day, I called Enterprise to pick me up from home. Unfortunately, cannot pick me because I’m too far from their location. Hence, I have to take the bus and then the Metro to the Enterprise at Bykers, Union Road. The lady whom entertained me said that next time, I have to book a car from the Enterprise at Scottswood Road. That branch is closer to my house. The second time I booked a car, I called Enterprise at Scottswood Road and they fetched me to their office and I got the car. After returning the car, the guy sent me back home. Hmmm… that’s a better service. Enterprise is expected to be at par with Avis and Hertz.

Where is the fuel tank open button?


This is the black Ford Fiesta that I rented. I had some tough time searching how to open the fuel cap.

When I want to refill some petrol for the first car that I rent which was a Ford Fiesta, I found myself in trouble. I cannot find the button or switch to open the fuel tank cap lock! It took me up to 30 minutes to find, think and figure out how to pour in the petrol in the car. I was very close to ask just anybody around me near the car. After a while, I walked to the fuel tank area and tried to push the small fuel tank cap. It opened. Then I know the tricked. There’s no switch or button inside the car. The fuel tank cap will be automatically unlock when the car is unlock. New lesson for me.

Why Can’t I Start this Car?


This is the white Vouxhall (2nd car that I rented) that has many really good features but I was not used to it yet.

The second car that I rented from Enterprise is a 1.2 Vauxhall. It was also my first time driving a Vauxhall. I’m not used to this car because majority of the system is different than the car I used to drive. The first time I attempted to start the car engine, I can’t. I tried several times but still I failed. Luckily I was still at the Enterprise. I called one of the guy to assist me and he showed and explained to me how and what I should do. We need to press the clutch at the same time we start the car. Ooohhh… that’s how we do it. After that, slowly and progressively I discover many good features of the car.

Broken Door Lock


This is the damaged lock. Horroble!!!

After returning from our day trip to Edinburgh last Saturday, we discovered that somebody attempted to intrude our house.The lock was barely hanging at the door with 3 screws just keeping the loose lock on position. We cannot unlock the door as the lock is not working anymore. I then grabbed one of my cards in the wallet (i used Jusco card, cannot used my credit card) and tried to push the lock to unlock the door so that we can enter the house. Yep…. it worked. After that, I repaired the lock and seal the door. We reported to our house agent and on Monday the handyman came and fixed the door plus add another lock. Now, it is more secured. Just imagine, before that, I positioned 2 chairs and a single mattress behind the door.

Roof Plaster Collapse

Yesterday night, while we were just to pray, our door was knocked. I checked out. It was a neighbour who live under us. He asked what we did up there? I was puzzled. I said, we did nothing. He then asked me to checked out his hall. I was very shocked because the roof plaster collapse and it was such a disaster. Large plaster cement, debris and dust was everywhere. It was a real mess. He then checked out our house upstairs. He was checking if water was pouring down or something that can contribute to the plaster roof collapse. He found nothing. It just happened! The building is old, very old. Now the only thing separating us (up there) and them (down there) is the carpet and plywood (our floor). Now we can listen to what they speak and they can also listen to what we are doing.

My Thermodynamic Modelling – Matlab Adventure.

This is among all the one that keeps bugging my head, brain and thinking. It’s so tough. 15 nonlinear simultaneous equation with 15 unknowns. Not just that… I have not covered the fugacity and its coefficient yet. This is the main reason I’m here Newcastle University. So, I need to keep on fighting and get some result pretty soon. Seriously, I’m very tense. I’m under serious pressure now. When I walk, move, sit, sleep, awake, I will think of my problems and how to solve them. I think this is the worse part of my Ph.D so far.

Ok that’s it for now. Tomorrow will be a new day and new adventure for me. I hope I can get some help and guide on how I can solve my problem… Ameen.

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13 Responses

  1. Rizal says:

    memang sakit pale bila jadi camni..hehe

    biasa kalo messed up delivery, kalo yang tersilap terima tu barang mahal, konpom ler takkan pulang balik kot…huhu

    dah banyak kereta sekarang buat security camtu, nak start samada kena pijak clutch, pijak brek, sebab kat situ boleh letak pedal lock, mmg tak boleh start punya…

  2. itisrajah says:

    sabar… insyaAllah akan dipermudahkan segala urusan.. good luck and wish you all the best! ­čÖé

  3. cyza says:

    Last-last tak jadi beli GPS. Maybe pinjam + bayar sikit kat member…

  4. cyza says:

    Thanks Hajar…
    Camna masters?

  5. titan says:

    takpe..minum cendol dulu. baru fikir balik masalah tu..

  6. Good post! Amazing images..

  7. Good post! interesting article. ha ha..

  8. web host asp says:

    Yikes it does sound like you guys have had a rough go of things lately hopefully it will subside.

  9. takpe .. cendol first drink. fikir new behind the problem tu ..

  10. adamfaiz says:

    OOhh dah kat UK? Gud luck…anyway bro!!

  11. samdaddycool says:

    WAh, banyak benda berlaku dalam masa yang singkat.. Ini baru betul-betul pening kepala..

  12. After just a few days in our own rented house, Alya played the lock to her room. She adjusted a knob that is supposed to prevent the lock from locking the door by itself. To make things worse, the door was closed and it was locked from inside. Nobody was in the other side or in the room. The door cannot be opened. I called our agent and asked if the key room was available. Somebody came and tried some keys. Unfortunately, only the key to that particular room was unavailable.

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