The House We Stayed for 60 Days in Newcastle, UK

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I promised earlier to make a post on the house we rented for 2 months. It was not easy to rent a house for 2 months. In Malaysia, we probably can rent a Homestay for 2 months. However in UK, majority of the property agent only allows a minimum of 6 months. We have anticipated this before heading to United Kingdom as we’ve searched and contacted several property agent online and by phone. The answers are all the same. A minimum of 6 months.

Short Note: I’m supposed to publish this blog post when we were in UK. However, I was pretty much occupied with my work… So, the post which I wrote and saved earlier is now published (delayed publication).

That’s why when Debbie from Reeds Rains (a property agent company) called and invited us to view a house that can be rented for 2 months, we accepted the invitation happily. We visited and checked out the house. When we first saw it, it was not pleasant because it was in a mess and is not clean. However, since we are don’t have second option, we just accepted it. We cannot complain much because we are just staying for 2 months. So, we moved into the house on the first Saturday we were in UK. Remember, we landed in UK on Tuesday. That means, we stayed at Mr. Azizul’s house from Tuesday until Saturday. It’s good to be finally having our own home because we don’t want to keep on making trouble for Mr. Azizul and his family.

The house is located at Gainsborough Grove, Authors Hill. It is a terrace house. We stayed on the first floor while the ground floor is occupied by someone else. You can see the front of our house if you click here and check out Facebook/cyzasector header. The house consisted of 3 rooms, a hall, a kitchen and a toilet. The house is equipped with central gas heating which is imperative to heat the house/rooms. The cooker and shower is electrically operated. A double bed is available in the master bed room. A single bed is in the smallest bedroom for Ikhwan while 2 single beds are available in Marsya and Alya’s room.

The following are some photos of the house condition at the time we moved in (5/5/2012).

house for rent student newcastle

This is the house. The entrance is the black door on left. Our house is the upper floor. The ground floor is occupied by other tenant - A British guy and a British lady. We have the same irresponsible landlord!!!

short term house rent newcastle

This is one huge plus point of our rented house. No accessible road in front of our house. That means no vehicle will ever moved in front of our house. My kids can play freely and safely in front of the house.

house to rent newcastle
This is the stair case after entering the house. We don’t like the blue carpet. But we have limited choice because not many landlords allow 2 months for rental.
house for rent gateshead newcastle uk

After reaching the top, there are 4 doors. 3 to the bedrooms and 1 to the hall / kitchen / bathroom.

Room for rent newcastle uk

This is the hall / living / dining. At the far end is the kitchen. The presentation is not nice. We were very busy to clean and rearrange the house after we moved in.

cheap house rent newcastle

This is how the master bedroom looked like at the time we entered the house

room for rent newcastle scottswood

This is Ikhwan's room (boyzzzz room)

muslim only house rent newcastle uk

This is the Girls room...

house rent newcastle uk

This is how the kitchen looked like when we entered the house. It's very small. The door which is visible is the way to the toilet.

Stay tune…

Coming up…the house after we cleaned and make some minor rearrangement…

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8 Responses

  1. titan says:

    hoho..kecik gak. tapi lebih baik dari takde kan?

  2. samdaddycool says:

    typical UK house… I hate the staircase, very steep.

  3. cyza says:

    Bro…memang camni la lebih kurang rumah kat bandar yang murah sikit…nak rumah besar, lagi mahal…nak rumah lagi best dan cantik, kat luar bandar la… Jauh pulak dari Uni…

  4. cyza says:

    Yes bro…exactly right. So typical. But I can’t find this type in Bradford, the place I stayed before for undergraduate. Anyway, dah lepas dah…it will take maybe more than 5 years if I want to stay in UK 2 months or longer…perhaps to do Post doctoral or Sabatical…

  5. stevenmour@IAS Coaching says:

    Hello Cyza,

    Me Stevenmour here , A new user to your blog i found it wonderful blog And in this post i like style of your baby then other things

  6. saiful says:

    Assalamualaikum.. Jumpa kita di sini pulak:-). Dulu jumpa di nunmoors parks waktu hari kanak-kanak balai malaysia newcastle. Harap ingat lagi saiful & wife yng datang ke newcastle sebulan je bulan mei lepas, tinggal di croydon road.

  7. cyza says:

    Hi Stevenmour…

    Nice to have you here. It’s a pleasure.
    Hope you will hang around in my humble blog more often…

  8. cyza says:

    Waalaikumsallam bro..
    Apa khabaq…bleh pulak jumpa kat sini yea…hehe…so, la ni kat mana?

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