Back with my experiments…

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quartz-reactorIt has been a long time since I performed my last experiment. Now, I finally had the opportunity to run the final segment of my experiments. If everything is smooth and super cool, I may require 2 weeks.

However, if there are problems and hiccups, I may need longer amount of time. At the same time I hope all equipments that I am going to use will be in perfect condition. Among them are the heating tape, power control of the heating tape, syringe pump, quartz reactor, data logger machine, mass flow controller, digital flow meter and gas chromatography. I also hope that the gasses that I used will be sufficient for my experiment and also for the GC to run. The gasses I refer are helium, compressed air and hydrogen.

I hope and pray that my experiment will produce good, reliable and reproducible result. Yeah…I need to continue working smart and hard… Combined and integrate both working ethics and hope for a miracle synergy.

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2 Responses

  1. I hope everything goes well with your new experiment.

  2. nice post..well i think this is effective and it could work on us..thank you for the information..

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